Dunder Mifflin’s Todd Packer Adds DUI To Storied Career

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Former Dunder Mifflin traveling salesman Todd Packer — the same man who once stated, “I’m a huge alligator nerd. I can name you every genus, every subspecies. Also, I’m a huge boob nerd” — has been arrested for DUI.

Well, it was actually, David Koechner, the actor who played Packer on The Office, but…semantics.

Koechner, who also stars in the Anchorman movies, was arrested in California around 3 p.m on New Year’s Eve. According to TMZ, Koechner was popped after police received a call about an erratic driver who had hit a street sign with his car. He failed a field sobriety test, was arrested and then watched the ball drop from a jail cell. He was released from Ventura County Jail before sunrise on New Year’s Day.

This is the truest form of life imitating art. Todd Packer — a loose-lipped, prank-pulling, paper salesman who never shied away from a motel threesome or crapping on the carpet — was a hero to Dunder Mifflin Regional Manager Michael Scott.

Scott once introduced Packer in the most endearing way possible: “I would like to introduce you to a man who needs no introduction, probably because most of you have done it with him. Just kidding. He wouldn’t be interested in any of you!”

Packer, who like Koechner, enjoys his share of spirits, gifted his coworkers such memorable lines as “What has two thumbs and likes to bone your mom? This guy!” and  “Dude, don’t you yak on me. This shirt is Van Heusen.”

After years of playing Packer and Champ Kind, Koechner will have to act like he wasn’t driving drunk when he appears in court this March as a follow up to his DUI arrest.

Fortunately for Packer, the combined costs of a pending DUI and hiring an attorney shouldn’t be of much concern. He has access to plenty of paper.


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Written by Anthony Farris


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