You Must First Pass The Duke Basketball History Test For Access To Camp Inside Krzyzewskiville

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We all know that Duke students are a tad crazy when it comes to basketball games. You’ve seen the pictures of ‘Cameron Crazies’ hovering just above the court, screaming anything that will take an opponent off their game.

These fans also do their homework on the opposing teams. They know what your brother had for lunch the day before or if a certain point-guard is still dating the cheerleader. Anything that you could think of, this group will hope to learn it by tip-off. But, this also leads to one of the best environments in college basketball, hands down.

But because of the amount of students that want to get into the ‘Crazies’ section, it’s probably easier to get into the first showing of an Avengers movie on release date. First off, to even be considered to attend a game like Duke vs. North Carolina, you have to be willing to sleep in a tent for weeks, in the frigid Carolina winter.

Brush Up On Your Duke Basketball Knowledge For ‘The Test’

Unfortunately for students, that’s just the start. Sticking with a group is pretty much the only way to go, as the school has strict rules for camping out. According to some scientific research, students must have two representatives in the tent at all times, while there must be six occupants sleeping at night inside the tent. Yes, I know this sounds insane, but these college kids can pull it off.

If you’re brave enough to sit out in the cold for over three weeks, looking like a kid trying to get his hands on the new Playstation, then maybe it will work out. But just like any great game show, there’s always a test.

Because of the number of groups looking to pop-up a tent in Krzyzewskiville, students are required to take a test on Duke basketball. Just because you might be attending Duke to become a doctor, doesn’t mean you’re smart enough to get North Carolina tickets.

Here are a few of the questions. Remember these are mostly 18-20 year old kids.

Which Duke player was known as โ€œTinkerbellโ€?

On what date did Cameron Indoor Stadium open and host its first game? [1 point] Who was Dukeโ€™sopponent in that game? [1 point] What was the final score? [1 point]

DURHAM, NC – JANUARY 27: A Duke student works on his laptop computer outside Cameron Indoor Stadium prior to the game between the Virginia Cavaliers and the Duke Blue Devils on January 27, 2018 in Durham, North Carolina. Virginia won 65-63. (Photo by Lance King/Getty Images)

There are just a few of the questions these students better have a good feel about before entering the arena that night for an opportunity to work out of a tent for a month. Also, don’t fail inspection twice or you’ll be removed.

If you pass the test, the first 70 groups will be awarded a spot in Krzyzewskiville, but there’s a second test. I hope these Duke students didn’t think that passing one test would get them on the first row. No, that comes with the second quiz, which determines the order.

Camping, or glamping as the kids call it nowadays, has been a long standing tradition. I just hope some of these new students put aside their medical books for a while and studied up on the tripping tactics of Grayson Allen.

You must know your Duke history, kids.

Written by Trey Wallace

Wallace started covering the SEC in 2012, as the conference landscape was beginning to change. Prior to his time in Knoxville, Wallace worked in Nashville for The Read Optional, where he first produced content that garnered national attention. His passion for sports is evident in his work and has led him to break some of college footballโ€™s biggest stories. His social media reach and natural podcast proficiency continue to make Wallace one of SECโ€™s most trusted sources.

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