Dua Lipa Spends Vacation In A Bikini

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Dua Lipa appears to be enjoying herself on vacation.

Lipa is one of the most famous singers in the world, and has millions of fans around the globe. When we talk about major superstars, there’s no doubt Dua Lipa is in that category.

She’s mega-famous, and is also a content star. You have to deliver on a regular basis when you have 88.8 million followers on Instagram.

The good news for her followers is that she doesn’t disappoint, and that includes when she heads to Greece for vacation.

Dua Lipa goes viral with bikini photos while on vacation. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for The Recording Academy )

Dua Lipa rocks bikini while sailing around Greece.

The “Levitating” singer was sailing around Peloponnese, and made sure to chronicle it all for her 88.8 million followers. In terms of can’t miss content, I’m pretty sure her vacation pictures easily exceed the standard.

How do I know that’s true? The bikini-heavy post has more than 2.6 million likes. Give it a look for yourself below.

Lipa is a major star in the music game.

There are very few people on the planet who can match Dua Lipa’s fame. She’s only 27, which seems borderline impossible to believe.

It feels like she’s been famous for far too long to only be 27, but that’s the case. The “One Kiss” pop star is still years away from her 30th birthday, and she’s already rich and an international brand.

I believe that’s what the kids like to call winning. When you’re that successful, it makes sense to get away for a little R&R.

It’s even better if the vacation time includes a bikini and some viral content. She knows how to move the needle. That’s obvious to anyone with eyes.

Dua Lipa goes viral on Instagram with vacation photos. (Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for iHeartRadio)

Dua Lipa is a content star, and there’s plenty of proof to back that up. Enjoy vacation. Her followers definitely don’t hate it.

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