Drunk John Daly Posts Photo From Taco Bell Run & It’s Beautiful

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John Daly had himself quite a weekend in South Florida where he put on a barefoot golfing clinic at Trump National Doral and had a few drinks with the boys that turned into an instant classic run for the border. The Internet has been waiting for a drunken John Daly Taco Bell order and it has been rewarded with this greatness from the legend.

Here’s the damage from the Bell located a mile from Trump National:

• Five grilled cheese burritos

• 10 Crunch Taco Supremes

• 10 Spicy Double Steak Grilled Cheese Burritos

• 1 beef burrito

Final UberEats total: $446.10

Drunk John Daly Taco Bell Order Florida
John Daly Taco Bell order via Instagram Story

It was a big weekend at Trump Doral where several golfers were taking part in pro/club member event. Daly was joined by the likes of Fred Funk, Lee Janzen, Gene Sauers, Rocco Mediate, Scott McCarron, Rory Sabbatini and Rick Smith.

But as it normally is, this was a Big John show as he dialed up a barefoot one-handed chip — with cocktail in his hand — that club members will be telling all their buddies about.

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While the golf is great and all, us guys who go to these events know it’s the shenanigans that are talked about for the next 20 years. Yeah, winning a Ryder Cup competition on golf trips is nice, but a Daly-esque Taco Bell run lives on forever.

One minute you’re partying at a Trump golf property, the next minute you’re deep into a drunken Taco Bell order with John Daly. This is the stuff that dreams are made of.

Now we just need a play-by-play on this from Daly on what he consumed from the Bell run and how he got up the next day and shot 5-under or something ridiculous like that.

God bless the king of fun.

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Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. 1) What’s the rest of the order? He’s at about $130 w/ those items. Even assuming a $50 fee still got a long way to go. Gotta assume there’s at ;east 100 Dorito Locos Tacos.

    2) Is the title of Drunk an adjective or a verb? Because I feel like either one would suffice.

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