Drew Brees not serious about Comeback, Saints coach believes: Salguero

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Drew Brees is not coming back to start at quarterback for the New Orleans Saints.

Or anyone else.

Multiple people who know him say he was only half serious over the weekend when he tweeted (Breaking: Twitter is the source of much misunderstanding) regarding media speculation about his future.

And he was no more serious then than he was earlier in the day when he commented that the additions of free agents Jarvis Landry and Tyrann Mathieu made him want to return to the Saints.

Some in the media, including perhaps, maybe, possibly at this site, took the tweet totally seriously and ran with it.

Brees did, after all, briefly consider a one-game return to the Saints last season when the team had multiple injuries at the quarterback position before thinking better of it.

But one person close to Brees told OutKick this morning the former quarterback — focus on former — was merely trying redirect the conversation about him leaving NBC as a studio analyst with his tweet. He said he’d be very surprised if Brees is really planning a comeback.

And that’s the way New Orleans coach Dennis Allen took it.

“My wife’s the one that told me about it because I don’t follow social media,” Allen told reporters Monday morning. “So I thought, That’s interesting, that’ll bring up some questions. I think it was a comment made in jest and we certainly haven’t had any conversations in that regard.”

Beyond the fact Brees was likely running a social media misdirection play, here’s another reason the 43-year-old is not seriously considering a return to the NFL: His arm is simply not as strong as it used to be. He struggles to make deep throws and even did so his final year in New Orleans in 2020.

Allen wouldn’t speak directly to that issue.

“I don’t really want to live in those hypothetical worlds right now,” Allen said. “We’ll see where it all goes. But certainly, he caused a lot of interest, that’s for sure.”

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