Drew Brees Will Have an Immediate Impact as a Broadcaster

The expectation is that Drew Brees will retire at the end of the season, Adam Schefter reported on Sunday.

Brees’ post-NFL plans are not a mystery. This offseason, Brees agreed to a deal with NBC that begins after he retires. ESPN also reached out to Brees to fill its ever-changing Monday Night Football booth.

Brees is expected to begin as a game analyst on NBC’s Notre Dame football broadcasts and in the studio on Football Night in America. Ultimately, replacing Cris Collinsworth, 61, in the SNF booth could be the goal.

Though Collinsworth is at worst the third-best NFL color commentator alive — after Tony Romo and Troy Aikman — NBC Sports is known for its proactive approach with high-profile roles. The network signed Mike Tirico in 2016 as the successor to Al Michaels. The expectation is that Tirico will take over as the full-time voice of SNF after the 2022 Super Bowl. Jac Collinsworth is already on NBC’s roster and is a strong candidate for an increased role once Tirico moves up.

While Brees must prove himself as a broadcaster, he comes in already at midfield with a resume few have sniffed. Furthermore, NBC will have opportunities to test Brees in the booth alongside Tirico. NBC will broadcast one of the extra Wild Card games this season, in a deal the network could extend or add to in its upcoming TV negotiations with the NFL.

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As for the downside, there’s the Tony Romo factor. For at least the next five years, every well-known player turned analyst will be subject to a Tony Romo comparison. Brees can imagine the feeling, all he has to do is ask a QB what it’s like to be compared to himself on the field.

Romo aside, Brees will have an immediate impact as a broadcaster. He’s respected among all fans and players, he has a presence, and his criticisms won’t be dismissed like they are coming from Domonique Foxworth.

NBC’s studio program could use the boost, as well. While highly-viewed due to its airtime, the studio show has grown dull. Perhaps, just maybe, Brees will enter the studio coming off his second Super Bowl win…

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. I wonder if the network and Brees will offer an “explanation” regarding the Flag walk-back? To put it behind him, so to speak. I’d say it’s imperative that they do if he’s going to be on that stage going forward – especially, to veterans and active duty fans.

  2. Brees will have to live with the knee and his wife took to keep the $$ coming in. He will not live it down. That was a sellout like no other. Folks won’t forget. He can trudge on and make the money but that is a stain that will always cover him in shame. Your grandparents who fought wars would look away at what a fraud you are.

  3. Brees is not as respected as he was a year ago. He should have just kept his mouth shut. But once he did open it up, he came off as a spineless weasel when he did his apology tour, which included woke helmet messages. Given what he had accomplished on the field, he didn’t need to pander to maintain respect in the locker room. But he did backpedal like a coward. It says a lot about him and the childishness of today’s NFL players.

    Al Michaels, a comforting presence, is one of the few reasons left to watch SNF. Screw Brees. Why not have Tirico & Michaels do the games in tandem, and let Collinsworth go play golf in The Villages.

  4. Brees turned out to be a pussy. Lost all respect for him when he allowed himself to be intimidated by black racists. He and his wife owe an apology to The Greatest Generation.

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