Draymond Green’s Wife Reacts To Boston’s ‘F*ck You, Draymond’ Chants

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Boston didn’t just hand Golden State a Game Three loss in Wednesday’s NBA Finals, they also routinely serenaded notorious villain Draymond Green with a not safe for work pleasantry.

“F*ck you, Draymond,” chants filled Boston’s TD Garden throughout the game.

Never more so than in the last few minutes of the fourth quarter when the prospects of a Celtic win were no longer in doubt. The verbal reminder that Green’s not welcome in Beantown struck a chord with Draymond’s wife, Hazel Renee, who called the gesture: “Just shameful!”

Ms.Renee probably should’ve familiarized herself with Boston sports crowds before opting to head East.

Listen to the Boston crowd bestow it’s pleasantries below.

Following the Warriors’ 116-100 loss, in which her husband fouled out and scored only two points, Hazel Renee lashed out via her Instagram story, saying in part: “in NO WAY shape or form should fans be able to chant obscenities at players! Are they not human?”

After calling out the NBA for having the audacity to not enforce a fan code of conduct, Hazel Renee added: “My kids were at the game tonight hearing that mess. Very DISGUSTING of you little Celtics fans. Just shameful!”

I’m not advocating for dropping the F-bomb in front of kids, but maybe don’t bring your children to such a hostile environment. Also, maybe she hasn’t noticed, but her hubby isn’t exactly the epitome of class on the basketball court.

For what it’s worth, Green’s teammate, Klay Thompson, also waged his finger at the Celtics crowd, sarcastically calling them “real classy.”

Interestingly enough, Green himself had no problem cussing in front of his son during the post game press conference. With his son seated beside him at the podium, Green responded “like shit,” when asked how he played tonight.

Game Four tips off Friday night from Boston. Plenty of time for Mrs. Green to invest in earplugs or a a babysitter.


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Written by Anthony Farris

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  1. Did woke culture wipe away Draymond’s history of yelling the B word in a NBA finals game for millions to hear?!
    this story (not your story, just the general news story of this situation) is honestly making me question my sanity.

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