Draymond Green, Warriors Call Out Media And Kendrick Perkins After Another Championship

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The Golden State Warriors have some long memories. 

Following their 103-90 Game 6 win over the Boston Celtics Thursday night, which secured the organization’s fourth championship in eight years, Golden State was not shy about calling out all those who reveled in their two-year hiatus from the spotlight. 

Draymond Green went after ESPN analyst and former Celtic Kendrick Perkins, who said that Steph Curry would do “absolutely nothing” in Game 6. 

“You got fools like Kendrick Perkins come dressing like a clown, come up here in a jail suit, and then you leave the game early tonight,” Green said on “The Draymond Green Show.” “Stand on your word, brother. You gotta stand on that. One thing’s for certain, I’m going to stand on mine. Four-time champ. I’m out.” 

Perkins said that the Celtics would come out with a “lot of pride” in Game 6, and that the game wouldn’t be close. 

“The Boston Celtics are going to come out with a lot of pride,” Perkins said on ESPN. “Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown are going to be open fire. I don’t even expect this game to even be close. Boston is going to win this game in great fashion.”


Curry also took a shot at the media, taking some time out of his postgame press conference to call out members of the media who buried the Warriors following their two difficult seasons in 2021 and 2022. 

“I clearly remember some experts and talking heads putting up the big zero of how many championships we would have going forward because of everything that we went through,” Curry said after winning NBA Finals MVP. “When you hear all that, you carry it all, try to maintain your purpose, not let it distract you, but you carry that weight. And when you get here, it all comes out. So, it’s special.”


Even Klay Thompson got in on the action, calling out a member of the Memphis Grizzlies for a regular season tweet. 

“‘Strength in Numbers’ is alive and well. I can’t wait … There was this one player on the Grizzlies who tweeted ‘Strength in Numbers’ after they beat us in the regular season, and it pissed me off so much,” Thompson said after Golden State’s 103-90 Game 6 win. “I can’t wait to retweet that thing. Freaking bum. I had to watch that. I was like ‘This freaking clown.’ Ok. Ok. Ok.”

“You’re going to mock us? You ain’t ever been there before, bruh. We’ve been there. We know what it takes. So, to be here again, hold that.”


It was a long way back to the top of the mountain for Golden State, who finished the 2020 regular season with the worst record in basketball, and were bounced in the NBA’s play-in tournament in 2021. 

They now can do all the talking they want.

Written by Joe Morgan

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