Draymond Green Looks Like Massive Hypocrite After Screaming At Akron Players While On Michigan State Sideline

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Three months ago, as the Golden State Warriors faced the Celtics in a heated playoff series, the Boston fans were not particularly kind to Draymond Green. Now he looks like a massive hypocrite.

Back in June, T.D. Garden loudly chanted “F**K YOU, DRAYMOND!” on multiple occasions. It sparked a nationwide debate about whether it was appropriate and multiple Golden State players, including the primary target of the heckling, spoke out against the behavior.

The Warriors and Green found the “F**K YOU” chants to be one step too far. As did a lot of the media.

That is why the 32-year-old power forward looks like a hypocrite today.

Green is a Michigan State alumnus. He was on the sideline on Saturday as the Spartans shutout a very, very bad Akron Zips program and beat them by 52.

Draymond Green Did Exactly What He Said Not To Do

At some point before the game, Green proceeded to leave his spot behind the end zone and talk smack to the Zips. Remember, college football athletes are typically no older than about 22 years old.

Green was talking his talk to an awful football team that consists of players at least 10 years younger. It is rather hypocritical, considering that he took such an abrasive stance against Boston fans and their behavior toward him.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Let me be very clear here.

I am all for smack talk and all for chants. I am openly pro-heckle and I am openly pro-chirp.

I’m not against Green’s antics on Saturday. It’s college football. It comes with the territory. That Akron player will never forget the moment that he got to talk back to multi-time NBA champion. It’s fun.

I’m not even against the Celtics fans who chanted at Green. It may have been a little too aggressive, but Green is a grown man and he can handle it. “F**K YOU” chants happen in sports all of the time.

It even happened to Nick Saban on Saturday!

Ultimately, back during the NBA playoffs, Green got the last laugh in the end anyway. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t a total hypocrite.

Green condemned Boston fans for chanting at him. And he then got up in the face of a college athlete and did something very similar to what he spoke out against in June.

Be better, Draymond.

Let everybody heckle. Let everybody chirp. It has to go both ways.

Written by Grayson Weir

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