Goosebump-Inducing Moment Unfolds As Doug Pederson Receives HUGE Ovation In His Return To Philadelphia

Eagles fans are grateful for Doug Pederson’s time in Philadelphia, even if it didn’t end so well. The 54-year-old brought the city its first Super Bowl championship in 2017-18 and was welcomed back to the City of Brotherly Love with open arms.

Many of Pederson’s former players and staffers took time to greet their old coach in pregame.

In addition, where Eagles fans are notoriously bitter and crass β€” they once threw snowballs at Santa Claus β€” it seems as though they are happy to forget the end of Doug Pederson’s tenure in the city. As they should.

As Philadelphia hosted Jacksonville on Sunday, Pederson made his first return to the city as the head coach of a different organization. Eagles fans could have easily harped on their team’s loss to the Seahawks in the 2019 NFC Wild Card game and the 4-11 record in 2020 and booed their former coach.

Instead, they could not have been more gracious and excited to see him. As Pederson took his former field for the first time as the head coach of the Jaguars, the in-stadium PA announcer made sure to give him his moment.

Doug Pederson was introduced and the crowd went wild.

Eagles fans gave him a huge standing ovation.

Now, there was very little doubt that Pederson would get his moment on Sunday. He did something for the city that no one was able to accomplish before him. That doesn’t take away from the goosebump-inducing ovation that he received upon his return.

The only way that his return could get better was with a win that reminded the city what they’re missing. But that was a tall task to ask from a Jaguars team that continues to find itself and looks to find positive momentum after years of disgrace.

Written by Grayson Weir

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