‘Friday Night Tykes’ Kid Is All Grown Up & Had A Huge Texas State Championship Game

Doug Brooks, who starred in “Friday Night Tykes” as a member of the Yoakum Outlawz youth football team, is all grown up and he dominated the Texas Class 2A, Division I state championship game Thursday at AT&T Stadium. Brooks, now a 260-pound junior fullback and defensive tackle, and Shiner High School had their way with Post High School and took home a 42-20 state title victory.

The Brooks’ play that’s getting the most attention came early in the first quarter when he stripped the Post quarterback, caught the ball in the air, started running for the endzone, and gave the ball to a teammate so he could score the touchdown.

The legend of Doug Brooks grows immensely after this play. Watch.

“At the beginning of the year, I told the D-line and the O-line if I get the chance, I’m going to get you all a touchdown and I just took my opportunity,” Brooks told the Victoria Advocate.

The touchdown is believed to be a first in the career of lucky recipient Max Machacek.

Doug Brooks, who has a scholarship offer to Houston, ended the game with four tackles, a 20-yard punt return and six carries for 65 yards. Here’s a run that will be used on social media for the next decade. Watch this!

Doug Brooks and brother Dalton, who was the offensive MVP of Thursday’s game with six carries, 55 yards and two touchdowns, appeared on episodes of “Friday Night Tykes” during the 2016 season. Doug wore No. 74 and Dalton was No. 15.

The brothers are about 100 pounds different in the weight department, but Doug says there’s a very good explanation for that.

“My dad said growing up, I always got two bottles and he got one,” Doug opined. “That’s what they said.”


Posted by Douglas Brooks on Sunday, November 29, 2020

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