ESPN’s Linda Cohn On Deshaun Watson’s Looming Suspension

What are ESPN's Linda Cohn's thoughts about the Deshaun Watson situation? She is disappointed.

Cohn said on Wednesday's episode of Don't @ Me with Dan Dakich that she's been outspoken for months on the topic but there are only a few things she can take from this situation.

"I know Goodell doesn't make the decisions now," she said. "Reportedly, there's a whole committee and it's headed up by women. What I said months ago was, 'why is it taking so long to suspend this guy?'"


Cohn said she doesn't understand it.

"I think he should get at least eight games, and I also am very disappointed in the Cleveland Browns where they didn't do their due diligence and interview one of these, you know, reported victims. Now, 24, is it?"

She said her head is spinning.

"I'm losing count," Cohn said. "This is not a coincidence. It is now a trend when it comes to Deshaun Watson. So I can't speak for my entire gender, but I can speak for myself. And I don't know why he's still the a. highest-paid quarterback in the league b. not suspended yet."