Michele Tafoya Talks New Era of Wokeism In Sports Media with Dan Dakich: ‘We’re Living In a Nutsy Time’

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Up is down; left is right; and staying politically correct is more important than prospering in the new era of woke sports.

Nothing has made sense in the sports world ever since objectivity went out the window.

Don’t @ Me‘s Dan Dakich welcomed veteran NFL sideline reporter Michele Tafoya to discuss the woke state of sports and media, and how the two muddy the field for fans solely focused on the game.

Dakich told Tafoya, “I’m with you. There isn’t anywhere that you can go, you know, that says, ‘Well, this is the truth.’ I just want the truth.


“You just tell me the facts. Just the facts, ma’am, and let me then make my own decision,” Tafoya responded.

She added, “But even some of the facts get distorted. They get suppressed, which is the suppression stuff is really, really concerning to me. You know, when you have a Twitter shut down a story that may not be politically in their best interests or to the best interests of their side, I hope that changes now if Elon Musk, if this deal actually goes through.

“But the suppression of stories, the suppression of facts, the stuff that I mean. Good Lord. Just give us sunlight. Let us see the stuff. Let us decide.”

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Tafoya also spoke on handling social media outrage from the crazy sect of sports fans.

“It depends on how you use it. And I think it’s really up to the user more than the poster, if you will. So if I’m sitting there reading Twitter and I see a bunch of hate mean tweets. Initially, when Twitter first came on the scene, I remember Suzy Kolber and I were the sideline reporters on Monday Night Football on ESPN at that time. And we were getting just obscene, obscene tweets. …

“And you’ve got to make up your own mind about how you’re going to receive those tweets. You also have to make up your own mind about what tweets you’re going to give credence to, what you’re going to read, and what you want.”

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