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We’re on the verge of one of the rarest NFL playoffs in NFL history

The Detroit Lions and the Cleveland Browns — who have a statistically worse offense than 2016 when the team went 1-15 — are nearing something extremely rare between these two dumpster-fire franchises.

Now here we are with the Lions all but certain to win the NFC North and the Cleveland Browns with an 89% probability of making the playoffs after beating the Steelers. And as if that’s not enough to get the juices flowing along the Rust Belt, the Browns’ schedule is favorable (the remaining schedule has a .479 winning % and the Bengals team with a backup quarterback) and if they can get anything at the quarterback position, you could see the ultra-rare moment in history where the Browns and Lions are division champions.

I can’t stand the Browns, but at this point in my life I’m looking for complete chaos and fans in tears of happiness, so I’d go for this division championship scenario especially since both teams woud get home games.

It’s something to keep your eyes on if you need a fun story to get you through a dark winter like I’m about to experience with Joe Burrow’s wrist going in for surgery.

NFL guys you can root for

Jess in Alabama started the list last week and I’m already hearing from readers who are enjoying the idea of pointing out athletes to keep an eye on even if you’ve given up on sports as a whole.

• Tim in Texas City, TX writes:

I just wanted to pop in and say that it brings me great joy to see people putting CJ Stroud on this list. After what we just went through with Deshaun Watson down here, we are ecstatic and incredibly thankful to have CJ Stroud as our QB.

His demeanor is rubbing off on the rest of our roster too. If you want a team full of great dudes to root for in the NFL, look no further than Demeco Ryans and the Houston Texans. Tank Dell, Dameon Pierce, Will Anderson, Noah Brown, Nico Collins, Devin Singletary…all of these guys are stand-up dudes and we couldn’t feel more proud to be represented by them.

Speaking of Jess in Alabama…she was up late last night and fired off an email

• Jess writes:

Well, ESPN laid off everyone, and now there is this guy and his hair… I know it’s not a man bun, but I don’t know what it is.

Harvard-Yale game analysis

• Jim T. says:

It’s somehow more entertaining watching a football game featuring fairly normal-sized human beings playing a game I love. I think most of us could imagine ourselves on the field for this game. Reminds of a time when even the NFL was mostly normal-size human beings ….

NFL team name analysis

• Dan from AZ writes:

Had to contribute to what John L started today:

Bears – Best Ever At Ruining Sundays

Dan wrote back Sunday after the Lions game and said:

LOL called that shit.

Semi drives through a covered bridge

• Gerard sent in this one:

There were only 6 covered bridges left in Illinois.  Looks like now there are only 5 as a semi drove through one. These pictures are pretty awesome.  

Thanksgiving pizza, anyone?

If you weave a college football stadium and sunset together, I’m going to include your email

• Ronnie in Union, KY writes:

Avid Screencaps reader, really enjoy your work. Never miss it.

Wanted to share a “Big Red Sunset” photo from a football game at WKU in Bowling Green, KY.

It’s a lucky get of an incredible blend of sunsets, sports, and one of the best mascots in all of college athletics.

Keep up the great work!

Now we’re talking….a sunrise & America!

• Douglas J. writes:

Thought this would get everyone’s heart pumping on a Monday morning. Beautiful Sunday morning sunrise over the E-4B “Doomsday” plane at Offutt, AFB in Nebraska.


As I always say, I don’t know what some readers do for a living and I don’t go asking questions. Let’s just say some of them could be using fake names, fake locations to protect their identity and I know when to ask questions and when to shut up.

I don’t know if Douglas J. gets into the E-4B cockpit and I’m not asking.

• Gray in Pembroke, GA had the same idea as Douglas J.:

I took these pictures at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport in 2016. I was visiting a friend in Coral Gables and We went and saw them and flew on the Witchcraft.

My friend’s Dad flew on a B24 when He was in the military.

Deer season

• Ridge Runner was up in a tree this weekend in Wallingford, KY:

Todd Z. and his gang challenged Screencaps readers to send in military photos they’ve taken

• Owen B. writes:

Challenge accepted. Still love the sunrise/sunset photos but want to contribute some military shots from my Normandy trip in April. Highly recommend that trip to all Screencappers (and all Americans for that matter). First is Patton and second is Major Winters of Band of Brothers fame.

That’s it this morning.

Go hard the next 2 1/2 days before starting your holiday weekend at the bar at lunch on Wednesday. Let’s get those leaves done. Let’s get those final Zoom calls on the books. Let’s tie up loose ends and start the holiday season.

Take care!


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