Dog Eats Owner’s Passport Days Before Italian Wedding Trip & Now The Groom Might Be Staying Home With The Dog

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A Boston couple’s romantic Italian wedding is in jeopardy thanks to Chickie, the couple’s year-and-a-half-old golden retriever who got her mouth on the groom’s passport and turned it into a chew toy.

Now Chickie is a Boston media sensation as her owners spent the weekend scrambling for a solution — the wedding is in less than two weeks — and raising awareness to their problem in what appears to be a coordinated effort to get help from the U.S. government to save the wedding.

The groom, Donato Frattaroli, now waits to find out if he’ll be traveling to Italy for his own wedding.

“It was not good, like it was very stressful,” the dog’s owner Magda Mazri said of finding out her future husband’s passport was destroyed. “When you first looked at the passport, it didn’t look like it was super damaged,” Mazri continued.

But the damage was done. Chickie did a number on that critical document.

“It was like every important page. Like all of his personal information — completely torn up, his picture page was torn up, the barcode on the back of the passport was torn up,” the bride added.


Now it comes down to the week of hell as the bride and groom face a Friday deadline to get a new passport. What happens if the U.S. State Department can’t make a new passport happen? Donato says he’ll stay home.

The fiancée and the wedding party will travel to Italy for them to celebrate while he’s at home eating pizza and playing fetch with Chickie.

Why wasn’t that passport in the freezer, Donato? Any old-timer out there with an ounce of real old-timer in his/her system would say the passport goes in the freezer and stays far enough away from a golden retriever’s mouth as possible.

This is a brutal mistake from Donato and his bride-to-be, but it’s on them. Lesson learned.

If there’s good news about all of this, it’s that Hollywood writers will likely want to make a romantic comedy about this and cast Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez as the couple. It’ll be a one-and-a-half-star movie but Donato and Magda will make enough off the movie rights to go on another Italian honeymoon.

Stay tuned.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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