Does Stephen Colbert Still Think Record-High Gas Prices Are Worth a ‘Clean Conscience’?

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Gas prices in all 50 states have hit record highs under President Joe Biden, research on Wednesday confirms. In addition, GasBuddy projects that the national average of a gallon will reach $5 as early as June 17.

These statistics got us thinking about late-night host Stephen Colbert. Where does he stand on the news of record-high gas prices? 

Colbert has yet to say but did warn us back in March that rising field prices were just temporary and not a big deal.

Here’s Colbert from March 8:

“Today, the average gas price in America hit an all-time record high of over $4 a gallon. OK, that stings, but a clean conscience is worth a buck or two. It’s important. I’m willing to pay $4 a gallon. Hell, I’ll pay $15 a gallon because I drive a Tesla.”

So with an annual salary of $15 million, Colbert asked kindly that we stop noticing the price of gas under a president who Colbert ensured viewers would bring peace to the nation.

In addition to not being good at the joke part of late-night comedy, Colbert’s out-of-touchness with the vast majority of Americans explains his cratering ratings on CBS.

Colbert doesn’t laugh with working Americans but instead laughs at them. Colbert looks down on those who still have to rely on fuel.

Colbert doesn’t need gas in his tank. He has a driver that CBS pays to escort him back and forth to the studio and a $56,000 electric vehicle. It’s called status.

So Colbert is completely unaware of how record-high gas prices affect families at large. A recent survey found that 51 percent of American adults say they have “changed or canceled plans for a family trip” in response to rising prices like fuel.

Oh well. At least Colbert can still make his trip out to the Hamptons and Turks this summer.

Colbert is a more talented performer than his counterparts like Trevor Noah and Jimmy Fallon. However, he has somehow become more offputting and cringy

Again, his contract demands he is to practice comedy on-air. But instead, he practices, well, whatever this is called:

By the way, we presume Colbert has since traded in his Tesla for another electric car brand. Colbert bought his car well before Elon Musk set out to restore free speech online. As Colbert reminds us often, he’s not a proponent of independent thinking aloud.

Nonetheless, perhaps Colbert will provide tips tonight on how he’d handle gas at $5 a gallon in the scenario that he didn’t have a net worth of $100 million. Assuming the prices are still worth a “clean conscience,” of course. 

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. Colbert is the absolute worst – elitist, condescending, and mean-spirited. I didn’t realize his ratings are cratering so that makes me happy. And I disagree that he’s more talented than Jimmy Fallon, who at least is funny and generally stays away from the political stuff.

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