Dodgers’ Trevor Bauer Sues Woman Alleging Sexual Assault Against Pitcher

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In the midst of multiple administrative leaves from the MLB over sexual assault allegation, Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer, 31, will be suing his accuser for defamation.

Bauer tweeted Monday afternoon that he ‘filed a defamation and tortious interference lawsuit against the San Diego woman who falsely accused me of sexual misconduct.’ He added that the lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California.

The pitcher’s absence from baseball revolves around an incident in 2021 where he allegedly committed assault against the woman during two sexual encounters.

The former Cy Young winner has been on extended leave since June 29.

Despite an LA County Supreme Court’s investigation and decision that demanded no criminal charges against Bauer, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred has delayed his decision pertaining to the pitcher’s future.

The MLB recently extended Bauer’s administrative leave deadline to April 29. He last played for the Dodgers on June 28, 2021.

OutKick’s Sam Amico relayed that Bauer has a separate defamation lawsuit filed against the Athletic and former writer Molly Knight. The lawsuit alleges that Knight and the outlet used accusatory language against the pitcher while reporting on the allegations.

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  1. It sure seems like Bauer was taken down in a hit job. That dude needs to find better private hobbies if he wants to be as outspoken as he is. That’s what public figures must realize. If you’re going to be a “disruptor” and speak truth to power or whatever, your reputation and personal life better be PRISTINE behind closed doors. If not, you’re walking into an ambush with a huge target on your back. You can rest assured they’re going to find your dirt, come after you, and take you down every time. I guess the sad part to me is it’s a rarity to find many today who have the character and integrity to match their mouths, which isn’t the best commentary on our current society.

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