Doctors Sign Letter Pleading For No COVID Mandates In 2023 And Beyond

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Medical professionals are finally speaking out against COVID madness.

A letter distributed by Children’s Health Defense lists a statement of principles that should be at the core of the medical profession. But since the outbreak of COVID-19, governments have put medical privacy and common sense on the back burner.

“During the last three years, we have experienced unprecedented interference with the doctor-patient relationship by the government,” the letter reads.

Originally penned by Michael Kane and Meryl Nass, M.D., the letter has already garnered hundreds of signatures from physicians, scientists and medical professionals.

Doctors Sign Letter Pleading For No COVID Mandates In 2023 And Beyond
Many people lost their jobs as a result of COVID-19 vaccine mandates. (Photo by Zhang Yuwei/Xinhua via Getty Images)

So let’s dive in to the letter’s main points.

“There is no scientific rationale for continuing any COVID-19 mandates in 2023 and beyond.”

All available COVID vaccines fail to prevent viral transmission. Additionally, vaccinated people become more susceptible to COVID-19 infections after several months than the unvaccinated.

The letter calls vaccine mandates “scientifically and logically indefensible.”

The doctors point out that COVID isn’t going anywhere. The United States will continue to face evolving variants, but their severity will weaken over time.

The letter highlights the importance of informed consent — “the basis of medical ethics” — and demands that physicians should choose the COVID therapies best suited to each patient.

“Mask and COVID vaccine exemptions must be offered at the discretion of the physician and patient as opposed to one-size-fits-all government edicts.”

People are individuals with unique medical and psychological conditions. Each patient also faces different risks regarding both the virus and the vaccines.

“Pretending that these differences don’t exist is denying reality,” the letter states.

By law, doctors may issue medical waivers for vaccines and masks. But many institutions — including schools and workplaces — have nullified these waivers,

“It appears that federal and state governments want to make themselves the arbiters of these medical decisions,” the Kane and Nass wrote.

But… my body, my choice, right?

Doctors Sign Letter Pleading For No COVID Mandates In 2023 And Beyond
A demonstrator holds a sign as people gather to rally with truckers at the start of “The Peoples Convoy” protest against Covid-19 vaccine and mask mandates in Adelanto, Calif. (Photo by PATRICK T. FALLON/AFP via Getty Images)

“Parental rights and decisions must be preserved to ensure the health and well-being of their children.”

In some cities, including Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Kings County, Wash., medical providers can vaccinate children as young as 12 years old without parental consent.

“This is a dangerous usurpation of parental rights by local public health authorities,” the doctors wrote. “It also violates state and federal law.”

The letter asserts that parents must have a say in their children’s medical treatment. They can’t get tattoos or go to a tanning salon without parental consent. Why should the vaccine be any different?

“The ability of medical professionals to speak freely to their patients and the public must not be compromised.”

This is a big one.

For three years, the government has silenced doctors and scientists from speaking out against Dr. Anthony Fauci and pharmaceutical companies. Any deviations from the narrative were labeled “dangerous misinformation.”

“While controversy is inherent in scientific advancement, and scientific knowledge continuously evolves,” the letter reads, “disagreement with the federal public health recommendations has led to draconian censorship and suppression.”

Just last year, Fauci faithful tried to remove Joe Rogan from Spotify for interviewing medical doctors who expressed vaccine skepticism. Anyone who didn’t bow down to big pharma faced cancellation and, even worse, loss of their medical licenses.

I’m old enough to remember when they called us anti-vax conspiracy theorists for saying these exact things.

Now, the scientific community is speaking out, and it couldn’t come soon enough. With mysterious heart conditions on the rise, education suffering as a result of lockdowns and the inefficacy of COVID vaccines in general, it’s about time to hold some folks accountable.

But what do I know? I’m no doctor.

Written by Amber Harding

Amber is a Midwestern transplant living in Murfreesboro, TN. She spends most of her time taking pictures of her dog, explaining why real-life situations are exactly like "this one time on South Park," and being disappointed by the Tennessee Volunteers.

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