DK Metcalf Says He Eats One Meal, But Crushes Three Bags Of Candy A Day

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Seattle Seahawks wide receiver DK Metcalf has a diet that would make most nutritionists pass out like a shocked high-society-type old lady in a Three Stooges short.

The Seahawks star was a guest on the Showtime series KG Certified, which is hosted by NBA great Kevin Garnett.

Some segment producer was really on it, because they teed KG to ask DK about nutrition.

“I’m probably the worst person to ask that,” Metcalf said. “I’m a candy-type person. I eat one meal a day, drink one coffee and eat like three full bags of candy.”

Garnett did his job like a pro, and asked what the 25-year-old meant by “full bags of candy.”

“Man, define bags of candy, man. Jelly beans?” he asked.

“Nah, see I’m a gummy type of guy. So you get Lifesavers…”

DK Metcalf’s Average Daily Diet Is Insane

Garnett — appropriately stunned — asked for more info on this, so Metcalf ran through the previous day.

He said that after a couple of workout sessions, he grabbed a coffee from Starbucks around noon.

This gonna hold me for like four hours. Around 4:30, I order some candy and a water. Got the Skittles gummies. Then I got the Lifesaver Creations. They’re the same size bag so I just mix them…get the gummy, get the candy, get the water, eat that.

Metcalf is the kind of candy innovator that would make the late, great Mike Leach proud.

“That’s gonna hold me ‘till like 8 o’clock. I’m having dinner at 8; 9. And then I eat dinner, go to sleep.

“I’m a candy eater.”

Damn, indeed you are, Mr. Metcalf.

What is it with star offensive players in Seattle and candy? Metcalf is a gummy guy, while Marshawn Lynch was known for his love of Skittles.

Does it have something to do with the crappy weather?

I don’t know, but hey for someone like DK Metcalf, it seems to work.

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