Disney CEO Bob Iger Wouldn’t Give His Office To Successor Bob Chapek Because Of Private Shower

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Bob Iger returned as CEO of Disney last year, although a new report suggests he never truly left his office.

Why would he when he has a kickass private bathroom?

Iger stepped aside in 2020 and was replaced by Bob Chapek who ran the company until Iger’s return in late 2022. When Chapek took over, he didn’t move into the CEO office that Iger and his predecessor Michael Eisner used.

That was because Iger wanted to keep the private shower in the office that was handed down to him by Eisner.

According to CNBC, Iger would wake up early in the morning and go to Disney’s Burbank, California headquarters to workout and then use that sweet, sweet shower.

Iger would use the shower before events, and even reportedly told Chapek that he was all about “two-shower days.” He also kept the office so he could keep two of his prized posters hanging on the wall. One of those was a collage of newspaper clippings from when Disney bought Marvel in 2009. The other, was a poster of the Clint Eastwood film The Eiger Sanction. Only his said “The Iger Sanction” and his face was photoshopped over Eastwood’s.

For some reason he couldn’t use the shower at his mansion. And those posters? They had to be in that office and not somewhere else, like on his yacht.

Meanwhile, poor Bob Chapek — who lived an hour away from the office — was sequestered to a small, showerless office.

Disney CEO Bob Iger, probably thinking about his kickass shower in Burbank. (Photo by Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images)

Bob Iger Makes A Lot Of Mistakes… But Keeping The Shower Makes Sense

Bob Iger is not a popular guy these days. He has repeatedly dragged the storied company into an unwinnable culture war and trying to cram woke ideology down the throats of the movie-going public instead of the family-friendly entertainment Walt Disney himself championed.

To that point, a lot of what Iger does would make Walt Disney projectile vomit his usual diet of chili and scotch virtually non-stop.

I wouldn’t defend Iger in many situations, but I can’t fault him when it comes to his shower.

Everyone becomes attached to their shower. I know my shower like the back of my hand. If you told me to dial up a shower with a temperature at exactly 103 degrees, I bet I could do it within a few degrees.

Conversely, showering an unfamiliar shower is like trying to land a plane after the pilot keels over in the cockpit. You just start pressing and twisting knobs and you’ll either wind up with frost bite or having your hair burnt out of your scalp.

Iger knew his shower, and that’s tough to part with. Plus, I bet the pressure in there was incredible. Bobby “Two-Showers” was probably working with a showerhead that could take the paint off of a Buick.

Things Could Have Gone Differently Had Chapek Been Given Shower Privleges

Iger took thousands of showers in that private shower of his. So, I can understand why Iger would be protective of his shower. He earned it, and dammit, he wasn’t parting ways with that sweet, sweet shower and its accompanying shaving vanity.

Still, his refusal to fork over the shower keys makes it seem like an act of sabotage aimed at tanking Chapek’s run as CEO.

It’s like when Jay Leno stepped away from The Tonight Show, but then hung around in primetime siphoning Conan’s audience. Then all he had to do was point and say, “I’ll come back the new guy ain’t cutting it.”

Imagine if Chapek had access to that shower. Maybe he would have come up with some ideas that would help the company while he was in the.

Grand ideas like casting dwarves in Snow White and The Seven Dwarves.

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