Disgusting Fight Breaks Out Inside LSU Honors Dorm

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Wild footage out of LSU Monday night shows us that street fights are no longer reserved for airports, airplanes, sporting events, fast-food restaurants, and malls. Honor dorms are now getting in on the action at the Baton Rouge, Louisiana university where police are investigating a prison-yard stomping.

According to WBRZ, the prison yard beating took place at the West Laville honors dorm where two female subjects were recorded throwing bombs on another woman. The action also included what sounds like one fighter cracking her head on a drinking fountain.

Let’s go to the action:

LSU told the TV station “We do not condone or tolerate physical violence on campus, and we will be addressing this concern in short order, per steps outlined in the Code of Student Conduct.”

Police have been busy at Laville Hall. Just last week, an LSU student was shot during an attempted armed robbery outside the dorm when 19-year-old Clarence Hypolite reportedly stuck a gun into the side of the student and told the male “stop playing with me and give me everything.”

Baton Rouge police are looking for Clarence Hypolite in the shooting of an LSU student outside Laville Hall.

Eventually, there was a struggle over the gun and the victim was shot. Hypolite dropped his phone and ran which helped police name a suspect.

Hypolite, who reportedly goes by Playboyclare on the streets, is wanted for attempted armed robbery and attempted first-degree murder.

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Written by Joe Kinsey

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