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Clay is about to unleash his golf game at the Regions Tradition Celebrity Pro-Am

OutKick founder Clay Travis is preparing, as I type, to tee it up in one of the more interesting pro-am events of the year down in Hoover, Alabama at the Greystone Golf and Country Club. He’s playing in the Regions Tradition Pro-Am that will include the likes of Nick Saban, Charles Barkley, Bo Jackson, Kirby Smart, Greg Sankey and the list goes on.

I’m serious, this would be one of the most nerve-racking things you could do to me, especially when I have a golf game like Clay’s. My nightmare scenario would be dribbling one off the tee, the crowd laughing, everyone yelling to tee up another and then dribbling that one 10 yards further than the first. Yes, the crowd at the first tee would laugh in a joking way, but it would be crushing to the soul. That’s what Clay’s up against this morning when balls start flying.

Looking over the tee times, it’s unclear why Clay’s group has five players, including John Daly. I assume Taylor Hicks has some game, and I know Ryan Brown can hit a golf ball. It might be that they didn’t know what to do with Eddie George, who finished last at the 2020 American Century Championship, an honor which Charles Barkley had owned for like a decade-plus.

It doesn’t appear the pro-am will have any sort of Facebook Live stream or anything like that, so we’ll have to depend on fans to send in clips and scour the social media channels out there to see if we can get a good look at Clay’s swing. Stay tuned.

Regions Bank tee times

• I have no idea what has gotten into Pennsylvania Democratic Governor Tom Wolf, but he announced Tuesday that Pocono will be allowed to operate at 100% capacity for race weekend in late June. This wild man also went ahead and lifted indoor capacity limits. As for masks, Tom’s not lifting that. In other words, NASCAR fans can plan on enjoying a race weekend without masking in late June. Tom’s not going to do a thing.

• And finally this morning, I’m completely intrigued by the story of the woman, 47, who went missing in 2020 only to turn up in a national forest in Utah living in a tent. She was surviving by eating grass and moss. The woman has been out in the national forest since leaving her car in November, and authorities searching for her believe she knowingly chose this lifestyle. Talk about getting away from it all. That must’ve been one helluva cold winter out there in the Utah forest eating grass and moss. I’m going to stick to my man cave and the power recliner. To each their own.

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  1. When I got my first real job with a tech company out in CA (not one of the stupid ones, one of the good ones that nobody’s ever heard of), and I didn’t know anybody, I thought it would be a good idea to join the company golf club. I figured it might be a good way to meet people, maybe make some friends with a common interest. Also, one of the perks was that you got membership in the PGA, and so you could do things like take a rules course over at Pebble Beach. Anyhoo, I wasn’t (and still am not) much of a golfer, having only played a little bit in college. Everybody else in the golf club had handicaps, some of them single-digit. So I get assigned to a group, three other guys. We go to the first tee, and every single one of them ahead of me proceeds to take out their drivers and rip shots right up the middle of the fairway. So now it’s my turn, so I decide I need to try to fit in, and even though I was totally incapable of hitting a driver even close to straight, I pull my Big Bertha out of the bag and decide to give it a go. The first drive ends up somewhere in the driving range that was on the left side of the first hole, totally out of bounds and not a prayer of being found. So, they see I’m nervous and offer me up a mulligan. At this point, I’m shaking with nervousness and embarrassment all over. Instead of reaching for a safer iron or something, I decide to try the driver again, and proceed to dribble my second ‘drive’ into the parking lot, where someone’s hubcap stopped it. The rest of the round proceeded to go along those lines. It was the longest round of golf of my life. I wanted it to be over after the first two shots, but it went on for I think 120 more. Needless to say, I never went back.

    PS – STRONG IG model game today, Mr. Kinsey.

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