Did James Harden Huck A Fake Birthday Cake Off A Yacht And Into The Ocean?

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James Harden had himself a birthday party aboard a luxury yacht, which he capped off by throwing the cake into the ocean.

But what is it a real cake, or a fake one specifically engineered to be tossed overboard by Harden?

The Philadelphia 76ers star was celebrating his 33rd birthday in style out on the water off of Marina Del Rey, California.

Some video taken aboard the vessel shows Harden chucking a cake into the drink.

That video has been given the Zapruder film treatment, and it’s given way to a shocking conspiracy theory: the cake may not have been real.

The evidence supporting this is the way Harden holds the cake. It’s like in a movie when a character is holding a coffee cup and you can tell that it’s empty because of how there’s clearly no weight to it.

Think of that but with cake.

It also seems too tall and narrow to have the structural integrity needed to withstand that careless way that Harden jostles it. It appeared far too rigid and should’ve collapsed before it came anywhere near the already heavily-polluted Pacific Ocean.

If it wasn’t a real cake, that means Harden employed a stunt cake to create a surefire viral moment.

Because cake+splash=social media clout. It’s simple math.

There was more to Harden’s party than just cake shenanigans. He also had a spiffy ice sculpture featuring his bearded visage, and his trademark facial hair was plastered on deck.

Harden took a pay cut this offseason and signed an extension with the Sixers,

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