Did A Fan Get Prison Shanked During Mexico-Qatar Gold Cup Match? You Make The Call

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Come on Mexicans, you are better than this.

Just weeks after Mexican soccer fans beat the crap out of each other during a CONCACAF Nations League semifinal match against the U.S., they were at it again Sunday night in Santa Clara, California during a Gold Cup match against Qatar at Levi’s Stadium, which ended up with another loss (1-0) for the motherland.

You guessed it, the Mexicans were super PISSED at each other and started brawling.

There’s chatter online that a Mexican soccer fan was stabbed during a massive fight Sunday during Mexico’s match against Qatar at Levi’s Stadium. / Twitter

There were fights in the stands. There were multiple fights breaking out around the suites.

If there’s any silver lining to all the chaos, it doesn’t sound like anyone was killed, but was someone stabbed during one of the fights?

That’s the rumor going around on Twitter and TikTok.

You watch the videos and make the call.

Let this serve as a reminder to attend Mexican national team soccer matches on U.S. territory at your own peril. This isn’t some soft USA! USA! USA! crowd. One minute you could be cheering for your boys, the next minute a prison shank could come flying out.

You’ve been warned.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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