Dick Vitale Doesn’t Think USC And UCLA Moving To The Big Ten Makes Any Sense

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There is no arguing against the fact that the Big Ten will get stronger on every level whenever USC and UCLA officially join the conference. The Big Ten expanding its footprint to the West Coast by adding two of the most well-known brands in college athletics is a win in every way for the conference.

That doesn’t mean everyone has to like the move, however.

Dick Vitale, for example, isn’t a fan of the Trojans and Bruins jumping ship for the Big Ten.

The legendary broadcaster jumped on Twitter to explain why USC and UCLA moving makes no sense. For Vitale, it’s all about location.

Before we jump into Vitale’s point here, how about Vitale sending off this tweet simply because he “just heard a guy.” Who is this guy, Dicky V? Is it a random person you heard talking about conference realignment? Was it someone on TV? Is there even a guy at all? Who is this random guy?

In all seriousness, Vitale makes a very valid, and obvious, point.

It is all about the money, it’s always been about nothing but the money. College athletics are a business, and USC and UCLA operate their business pretty well.

Vitale questioning the move in regards to Olympic sports and other non-revenue-making sports is certainly a fair one. USC’s volleyball team, for example, jumping on a plane to go play Rutgers in New Jersey doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

Written by Mark Harris


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  1. Its 2022 in America … WHO does have “journalistic integrity”. Unless that is defined as “shares MY opinion on everything”.
    I don’t care for Dick Vitale’s “Dickie V” persona. I grew tired of it 20 years ago but I understand he is a nice gentleman in real life. IMO his opinions on college sports do have merit within his demographic category.

  2. It most certainly makes sense! Now the B1G can pick up Notre Dame and then split the 5-6 relevant ACC teams with The SEC. The rest become.. shall we say Div. 2.

    this handwriting is on the wall, they will leave the NCAA and monetize college sports into a “Minor League” NFL… AND the product will suck since the “stars” will be handed $1-million checks upon signing as an 18-year old, who will always make the best “life choices!” No way they run out and buy a Ferrari, and blow the rest on gold-digger-whores and meth in one weekend!! NO WAY! Na, 18-year olds have always made good decisions – especially when they have tons of cash sitting around!

    well it’ll be fun while it lasts.

    • You are spot on where this heads next and 100% right about the ultimate outcome just total abject bullshit that was once the greatest college sport ever. Clay Travis is in for a rude awakening in 5-10 years….not all change is good change I thought Clay would have realized this by now.

  3. Too bad people in the West don’t really give a shit about college football anymore. They’re too worried about what gender they are today and how they’ve been offended. Personally, I don’t give a crap if any team in the West survives. Screw them.

    Hopefully athletes will figure out that it’s easier to go to the other schools back east than stay in CA and have to travel every week.

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