Dez Bryant Blasts Colin Kaepernick For Creating Awareness But Delivering Nothing Tangible

During a recent podcast interview, former Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant spoke from the heart when asked about professional activist Colin Kaepernick. While speaking to podcast hosts and former NFL players Brandon Marshall, Chad Ochocinco, Fred Taylor, and Channing Crowder, Bryant lamented what he believed to be empty promises from the national anthem protests. “I respect Colin Kaepernick, but there’s one thing that I don’t respect,” Bryant said. “I love him to death, it ain’t no hate or nothing like that. But, brother, you had the biggest opportunity in the world to create jobs, to build jobs, to give jobs to people. The people you were talking about. The people that you were so-called ‘standing up for.’ People who stood beside you, people who lost their jobs because of you. Where you at? I ain’t heard from you. He brought the awareness and that’s why I respect him.” Brandon Marshall interrupted and asked, “Where’s the call to action?” “There wasn’t one, there wasn’t no call to action,” Bryant answered. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) Bryant has been making this point for years, often refusing to kneel for anthem in favor of looking for other solutions to racial injustices. In 2019, […]



Written by TK Sanders

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