Devin Booker, Paul George Duke It Out Online Over Past Beefs

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NBA offseason beef!

A three-way discourse between NBA stars unloaded Monday after Golden States Warriors forward Klay Thompson appeared on Paul Georgie’s “Podcast P” show.

The Clippers All-Star welcomed Thompson for a sit-down where the two discussed myriad topics, including Klay’s infamous “four rings” taunt against Phoenix Sun Devin Booker.

Paul George, Devin Booker Trade Blows Online

Thompson admitted to being apologetic over the ‘I’ve got championships and you don’t’ taunt. The Splash Brother reeled back his past flexing in discussion with PG-13.

“I was in my feelings, and [Booker] was busting my ass that day,” Thompson shared.

“I was not where I needed to be. Stuff doesn’t age well, and that didn’t age well for me. I don’t need to be flexing four rings, bro. Everybody knows that, that’s on Wikipedia. My game wasn’t where it was at, and we all get insecure at times. I’m man enough to admit we all have our moments of weakness. I’m not really proud of that one.”

George and Thompson had an honest discussion which at first sounded innocuous.

Until Devin Booker entered the chat.

Book hopped in George’s Instagram post, featuring the segment with Klay concerning the Suns player.

The oft-soft Booker commented, “Is that the answer u was lookin for?”

Book had a seemingly forgiving comment for Thompson, posting a ‘salute’ emoji and tagging the four-time Warriors champ.

George’s longstanding feud with Booker made sense out of the online call-outs.

Booker has called PG-13 “soft” in the past — competition between the Western Conference players came naturally.

George didn’t let Booker off cleanly. During a live stream Tuesday, the Clippers player briefly addressed Devin’s comments. He did not apologize for bringing up the subject with Thompson and called it a “sorry a** response.”

The feud between PG-13 and Book lives on.

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