Devils ‘Woo Crew’ Member Takes Filthy Cheap Shot From Rangers Fan

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A member of the New Jersey Devils “Woo Crew” was on the receiving end of a nasty sucker punch from an angry New York Rangers fan.

It happened during Monday night’s Game 7 between the two teams. It was a heated series seeing as the teams are separated by about 14 miles and the Hudson River. The seven-game series went the distance, only for the Blueshirts to not show up in the deciding game which the Devils won 4-0.

One Rangers fan appeared to be unhappy with some combination of his team’s performance and the brave men and women encouraging Devils fans to woo after a goal.

One of those Woo Crew members, Semaj McLeod, took a nasty sucker punch to the chops from an angry Rangers fan. He posted a picture of the fan and a video of the incident on Twitter.

That was nasty.

The Devils released a statement to The New York Post in which they said they were aware of the incident.

“There is no tolerance for that behavior at our arena, and we are investigating the incident to identify the suspect,” a team spokesman said.

Believe it or not, this was not the only bit of hooliganism that took place in the stands during the series.

At Game 5, a Devils fan picked a fight with a Rangers fan who put him in a chokehold. He then kept him in that chokehold until he passed out. Video of the incident subsequently went viral.

The Devils will open their series against the Carolina Hurricanes on Wednesday.

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  1. When the host team is employing a group to harass and taunt visitors to their stadium, they need to own that they created the negative situation. Not a sucker punch, but rather an inevitability. After the first punch, it was just a melee.

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