High Times: Detroit Reporter Is A Legend After Spending 420 On Weed Bus, Holding Massive Blunt

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If you are a reporter living in Detroit, I’d imagine you’re jealous of Charlie Langton. The Fox 2 correspondent pulled off one of the best segments in television history on 420 day in Michigan on the weed bus.

It all went down this past Thursday, when Fox News 2 in Detroit sent reporter Charlie Langton on a mission to find the best marijuana story of the day. Not only did Charlie find the weed, he also pulled in one of the greatest interviews ever.

“Hit it Charlie,” one toker told Charlie as he held a massive blunt. Recreational marijuana use is legal in Michigan, so folks hit the streets to celebrate the holiday.

It’s safe to say Charlie had a ‘high time’ while filming this segment. Not only did he join folks on the weed bus, he also stopped by local dispensary’s in the process.

“It’s a beautiful thing man, a beautiful thing. Smoking on the news,” another weed smoker mentioned to Charlie.

One of the best moments of the entire interview came when Charlie was presented a blunt that would make Snoop Dogg jealous, which hopefully he took home afterwards.

Fox 2 reporter Charlie Langton holding a massive blunt on 420 day in Detroit
Fox 2 reporter Charlie Langton holding a massive blunt on 420 day in Detroit Courtesy of Fox News 2

We get these type of reports every April, but Charlie Langton truly hit this one out of the park. The 420 tour included multiple food truck stops, while the local reporter was being gassed by the second-hand smoke. If Charlie was hungry, there were certainly ways to feed his munchies, while others scarfed down tacos and hamburgers.

Charlie caught so much attention from his perfect interview that Jimmy Kimmel did a segment on the report, as the reporter was live from the Detroit Herbal Center.

If they are giving away local Emmy awards this year, Charlie Langton better be on the list. Hopefully he was allowed to take home some of the goods, which were being handed out for free by one shop.

Not a bad way to spend an afternoon reporting the news, especially the stuff that matters. This is the type of content we’re here for, especially on a high volume day like 420.

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