Deshaun Watson’s Preferred List Of Destinations Revealed

The ongoing speculation on where Deshaun Watson could end up has been all over the place. Several teams have been connected to the franchise quarterback, but we sometimes downplay the other part of any potential trade.

Watson has the no-trade clause in his contract, so he ultimately has a say in where he ends up. That’s why it’s important to know how he feels about the various destinations being connected to him. As of Saturday, we now have a better idea of where he stands.

Armando Salguero with The Miami Herald revealed two teams that sit atop Watson’s wishlist. The first are the New York Jets, who recently hired Robert Saleh. Watson is a big fan of the former San Fransisco 49ers’ defensive coordinator, so that is a big draw to New York.

The No. 2 team on his list are the Miami Dolphins. The offense needs work, but the defense is already playoff ready. With Watson, it could instantly make them contenders with the Buffalo Bills in the AFC East.

Draft compensation is something that won’t be an issue for either franchise. Both teams currently have multiple first-round picks, and both also have a quarterbacks that could be included or flipped to mitigate a loss of picks to acquire Watson.

What will that compensation look like, though? Well, a source recently told Jonathan Jones with CBS Sports that it will be quite steep.

“They’ll likely ask for at least three first-round picks, a second, a third and a later round pick,” the source told Jones, via CBS Sports. “Ultimately I think it depends on whether the team has a viable QB that’s available to trade in return.”

Of course, there have been other varying — but somewhat consistent — reports on potential compensation, but it’s going to take a lot.

Will adding a franchise quarterback be worth it? The short answer is yes, absolutely. Watson could instantly change the outlook in New York and Miami. Will it put the franchise that lands him behind at other spots? Also yes, but that’s a part of it.

Grab your franchise guy now, and worry about the rest later. Both teams have cap space to add via free agency.

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Written by Clint Lamb

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  1. Miami looks best. Plus, Houston could get Tua in return and have something to work with. For Houston, NYJ has the most assets. High draft picks…even Sam Darnold is the Houston staff likes him.

    My opinion: Houston needs to make Watson play out his contract and Godell needs to suggest such. The NFL cannot turn into the NBA where drama queens cry and get their way.

  2. I think the Texans should look at the trade offers and find the absolute worst landing spot for Watson. Top 3, what are your bottom 3, try to trade him to the bottom 3 choices. Asshat thinks he is important because he has lots of lemming followers on social media. No Watson you are not that important.

  3. Looks like he has a certain preference for who coaches him based on the coaches listed in the article, does he need some diversity & sensitivity training? So tired of seeing bad behaviour rewarded.

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