DeSantis Announces Zero Mask Mandates For School Reopening Based On Data

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Ron DeSantis: the Data Whisperer.

While a Texas Instrument can tell you that one plus two equals three — unless CNN catches Donald Trump repeating that bold statement — Florida governor Ron DeSantis has crunched the data from the past year, evaluated the effectiveness of mandates for people under his leadership, defied the media’s influence, and calculated a final answer: 0 masks for 100% of schools. Genius, if you ask us.

Florida’s Fibonacci, DeSantis himself, announced via Twitter that schools across Florida will be foregoing all school mask mandates based on a report that suggests “no correlations w/ mask mandates in schools & the transmission of COVID.” 

The news report shared by DeSantis also analyzed the following: “We find higher student COVID-19 rates in schools and districts with lower in-person density but no correlations in staff rates. Ventilation upgrades are correlated with lower rates in Florida but not in New York. We do not find any correlations with mask mandates.”

DeSantis’ charge toward fully reopening schools as soon as humanly possible is the paragon of post-COVID calm. His evaluation of reports and confident assertions that mask mandates for children lack common sense help his constituents overcome any hesitation they might have to return to normalcy and also halt any potential long-term psychological effects that mask wearing has had on the development of young people for the past 16 months and counting.  

While the media would have you convinced that school programs and districts in heavily-funded Democratic states like New York or Los Angeles pay more attention to their teachers than Republican states, DeSantis once again defies the narrative and clears a promising path for himself in 2024.  

The governor announced that the state would provide $1,000 bonuses for its returning staff at a crucial time when teachers and their unions encourage online classrooms, despite firm evidence that the Zoom-style approach to school America has produced poor results. As reported by the Herald-Tribune, DeSantis announced the following while at an event at Sarasota School of Arts & Sciences: “Next school year is going to be a normal school year, and students are going to be back in the classroom.” 

Another day, another reason to celebrate this great nation and this great land of ours.

Written by Alejandro Avila

Alejandro Avila lives in Southern California and previously covered news for the LA Football Network. Jeopardy expert and grumpy sports fan that has watched every movie.


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    • 100%. Our “mandate” from the state Texas Education Association expires on 1 June. The last day of school for almost everyone is 27 May. My 1st grader’s graduation “ceremony” (remote) was full of “Ashley, pull up your mask” etc. Sorely disappointed in Abbott; I wouldn’t normally be, but DeSantis has shown where courage in logic is. Texas waited way too f*!#%* long.

  1. I was in Florida last weekend. It was a pleasure to enjoy the things I have taken for granted, like walk past people without a mask and not having them cross the street, or walk into a restaurant without a mask, or see a bunch of people having fun while not wearing masks. I think it’s time to say goodbye to Massachusetts.

  2. I am in Florida and still see these kids getting off of school buses and walking on the sidewalk with their mask on. Asked one why he kept his mask on once he was outside and off of school time. He said he didn’t want to die. They have scared the hell out of these kids, shame on their parents for not educating them on their almost 0% risk. The masquerade is over.

  3. jfkbike2 hits it on the head: The schools have terrorized kids into compliance. Only God knows the extent of the damage that is being done to their development. But one thing I am certain of: The kids are being trained to obey unquestioningly. Good luck getting this generation to stand up against government/business/media tyranny.

  4. Ron DeSantis full steam ahead. Did anyone notice that epic scumbag Paul Ryan has come out of his hole to warn against republicans against following Trump or “second rate imitations”. I heard for the first time today that Ryan works for private equity fund Solamere Capital. Mitt Romney’s son Tagg runs Solamere. Huh,go figure. Ryan also serves on the board of Fox Corps,the parent company of Fox News. Fox just bought Outkick. Clay and Buck Sexton are filling the radio spot that Rush Limbaugh occupied for years. Good for them. I sure would like to see Outkick report on Paul Ryan. We are not fools and we will be watching. Let’s see where this article ends up. I know they won’t bury it.

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