Derek Chauvin Found Guilty of All Charges

A verdict is in. The jury has found Derek Chauvin as follows:

  • Guilty of second-degree unintentional murder
  • Guilty of third-degree murder
  • Guilty of second-degree manslaughter

The jury reached a verdict after a short deliberation and had no questions for the judge, two signals that it would not end well for the defense.

Chauvin invoked his Fifth Amendment right to remain silent last week, a decision some legal pundits questioned.

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Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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      • I’ll admit…not the whole thing….I have a job. However, Chauvin should have known better given all of the cell phone cameras. Yes, he was overcharged, and the jurors knew what would happen if they voted not guilty.

        • So you admit that you have absolutely no idea what defense evidence was presented and you are completely okay with our president, congresswomen, and the mayor of the city where the trial took place to intimidate the jury, allow far left extremists to control the area surrounding the courthouse, and the complete ignorance of the defense’s case just so there wouldn’t be anymore rioting. If this is where we are at in this Country in terms of our justice system “just please make it go away” mentality then you are in for a rude awakening this summer my friend.

        • Anybody who was dumb enough to think if we just give them what they want and they will stop the smashy smashy and diabolical revolutionary plot to upend the system you all will reap what you sow. Allowing mob justice to rule in this one trial and thinking it will not set precedent for all future police/minority altercations that end up in front of a jury is completely mind boggling to me. Also none of you care about George Floyd at all and stop pretending you do left or right the only reason you even are remotely aware of who the man is, is due to the fact that the media force fed you this one case on repeat for an entire year, politicized it, and made it the representation of the “problem” with policing as a whole and everyone just said “hurrrrdurrrrrr otayyyyyy I’ll say its bad too just don’t hurt me!”

          • I agree with you Chris…but what is your solution to the revolutionary tactics?

            Like it or not the leftists are well organized and entrenched with the professional rioters, the court system, media, academia, and politics. And dollars to donuts when Obama got in he pretty much gave full reign for that system to be in place.

    • Watch the videos of Floyd prior to being pulled out of the SUV and put on the ground. The beast, who was already handcuffed, was rocking the entire SUV, freaking out. He was a HUGE dude and on terrible high.

      Read the evidence. There was no damage to his neck, to his trachea, to his vocal cords. His neck was not overtly compressed. He overdosed on laced fentanyl. He was as likely to die sitting in the back of the SUV on the drive to the precinct.

    • the extreme levels of fentanyl + the stress of being arrested caused his heart to trip out.

      Anyone who kept up with it closely (Jack Posobeic’s account) knows that the defense got the prosecutors cough up a number of concessions – but they simply didn’t want every city across the country set ablaze.

      I’m half kidding here but they need to give Chauvin a fake death sentence and have him grow a beard out. send him to Anchorage Alaska to live out the remainder of his days.

  1. It started out as knee on the neck. Then at the trial it changed to neck area. But if you watch the different camera angles from the trial it was on his shoulder blade. I agree, he probably shouldn’t have pinned him down for that long but the drugs definitely played a large role in his death. A life lost is a life lost but when you make the victim out to be the second coming of Christ you lose a lot of people. There’s plenty of fault to go around. Race grifters gonna grift.

  2. The left, their overlords and their useful idiots all want to stay mad, they didn’t want justice.

    Maybe Clay or some other attorney can help me out here: How do you get convicted on two murder charges and one manslaughter when there was only one body? Could Chauvin have put down a couple more people and ended up no worse, getting convicted on three charges?

  3. The defense did a good job.

    The fact that the jury does not even appear to have deliberated is disheartening.

    The trial should never have been held in Minneapolis where the jurors would have to face the consequences of a not-guilty verdict.

    Any of our lives could change forever in just 9 1/2 minutes. Be grateful that you haven’t had your whole world turned inside out because of 9 1/2 minutes.

      • I’m sure this will be appealed on the grounds Chauvin didn’t receive a fair trial because the jury wasn’t sequestered amid unhinged, threatening protests. The judge himself had to address the threats from the bench! How do you even allow the circus trial to proceed after that? The jurors had to be scared to death NOT to convict and have their city burn down. It should not have been allowed and when Waters showed up with her armed body guards inciting a riot police in any other sane city would have shut it all down then and there. It blew my mind that they didn’t move the location of the trial to begin with. This was all for show to appease the barbarian hordes. They need to have this trial 1000 miles away from Minneapolis.

    • I’m starting to think that much of the public – the ppl running around screaming “F the Police!” maybe just don’t deserve the protection and services the police offer.

      If they really wanna abolish police then go right ahead. Leave these people in the Wild West concrete jungles if they are so inclined.

      • Well the police should get a clue and all quit. All at once. Then the Dems won’t support this nonsense so much. But they won’t, because blue state police have no backbone. They’re oathbreakers. They enforce unconstitutional laws without a second thought.

          • Thank you for your service. My grandfather was a 30 year trooper. I’m not sure how you guys did it, and there’s no way I could imagine an officer worth his badge serving 30 years in this environment. I’m afraid that’s precisely the point from the left. They want to run off good officers and populate forces with their loons, so they have their own little personal Gestapo. They’re already doing it in the military.

  4. It was inevitable. The trial should have been moved and the jury should have been sequestered. With all the looting, burning, the leaking of one witness name that had his prior residence vandalized, the MSM and idiots like Maxine Waters stoking the fire. The jury was acting under intense pressure and intimidation.

  5. Definitely a kangaroo court …way too much political pressure and societal intimidation. At this point, if someone commits a crime cops are better to let them escape then risk getting imprisoned for life.

  6. But what about the blowback from the WHITE SUPREMACISTS??? They are our BIGGEST THREAT! The WHITE NATIONALISTS must be planning another INVASION. Hopefully authorities are doxing more teenage girl INSURGENTS and breaking down rural doors at 4 am to arrest INSURRECTIONIST dads to KEEP US SAFE from rioting Chauvin sympathizers.

    • Yup…if there’s a proxy warrior the oligarchs use to punish us and keep me up at night it’s those white supremacists.

      I don’t even notice the militant homosexuals or race grifters anymore because I’m more concerned somebody is involved with a 1930s German political system.

  7. Ladies and gentlemen the “culture”, whereby losers are made martyrs after death but only if a cop kills them, otherwise if they die from their shitty life choices or at the hands of another member of the “culture” no one ever hears about it.

    • I wonder how many black people were killed by other black people last night versus being killed by a policeman? I’m sure we won’t know because the national enemedia never puts a spotlight on those.

  8. When one political philosophy promotes, endorses and employs the use of anger, threats, lies and intimidation to achieve their goals and the other side allows it and responds with nothing but empty rhetoric then the idea of a civilized society will become a fable we tell our grandchildren.

  9. You heard them… “Yeah, we got accountability but not justice.” It’s not going to stop. First time I have disagreed with Greg Gutfeld on “The Five” last night. He said he was glad Chauvin was convicted on all three charges even if he wasn’t guilty on all three because he doesn’t want his neighborhood attacked again like last summer.

  10. This verdict was decided over the summer when America burned. Chauvin just looked like every police department’s worst nightmare, a wussy psychotic sadist who loves power. In the video it looked like he knew that he wasn’t hurting Floyd but got off to the pleads and taunts of the crowd. I am pretty sure I read that Chauvin was the senior officer at the scene, the rest were rookies or second year cops, someone with more experience would have told him to knock it off. Minnesota’s sitting Democrat US Senator / Presidential candidate looked the other way on complaints about Chauvin specifically and the police generally when she was a law and order DA, but that probably didn’t contribute to the situation. It looks like the only winner in this whole affair was Fentanyl, who got off scot free.

  11. If the cops ever really organize, and do a nation wide walk out for an extended period of time, we will see who really has the power in our society. It’s not the mayor, the governor, the President, or congress.

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