Derek Carr Takes High Road Amid Raiders Drama And Trade Rumors, Implies There Is More To The Story

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Derek Carr is moving on from his time with the Raiders. He is not interested in telling his side of the story, nor is he going to involve himself in any of the drama.

Instead, Carr is focused only on getting to play the 2023 season with a team that is not Las Vegas. That was made abundantly clear in a statement on Saturday morning.

The 31-year-old quarterback, who spent the first eight years of his career with the Raiders, saw last season take a surprising turn. Josh McDaniels was hired as head coach, Carr’s college teammate and good friend Davante Adams was traded west from Green Bay, and there was a lot of thought that Las Vegas could be a sleeper team in the AFC.

Instead, it went 6-11 and finished fourth to last in the conference.

Carr’s nine years as the organization’s starter came to an end in Week 18. He was benched in favor of Jarrett Stidham and did not even show up to the game.

The move, obviously, created quite the stir. It presumably marked the end of Carr’s time with the franchise and various reports speculated about his future.

Carr later said goodbye to Raiders fans and gifted his All-Pro teammates on his way out.

Nobody except for Carr and Las Vegas knows what really went down, but it sure seems fishy. Something must have happened, right?! Derek’s brother, David, alluded to a “touchy” situation and said that they will eventually “dig into what all went wrong.”

So what went wrong with Derek Carr and the Las Vegas Raiders?

We don’t know. We may never know.

Derek is choosing not to address the situation, despite multiple offers to do so. However, in taking the high road, he alluded to “the whole truth.”

That implies the existence of a story yet to be told. That implies that something happened.

Was the riff between Carr and McDaniels? Did owner Mark Davis decide that Carr had run his course?

What played out in Las Vegas that led Carr to be benched and ultimately move on?

Adams said that Carr was the reason he joined the Raiders. Where does he stand?

All of these questions remain unanswered. Carr is choosing not to address them.

The full story remains untold. It may never be told.

Either way, there is more to the situation. There is a reason that the Raiders are set to trade their nine-year starting quarterback this offseason.

But what is that reason?

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