Update: Denmark’s Christian Eriksen Stable After Collapse During Match

Update: The UEFA announced the match will restart at the request of players on both teams. “UEFA has agreed to restart the match between Denmark and Finland tonight at 20:30 CET [2:30 p.m. ET]. The last four minutes of the first half will be played, there will then be a 5-minute half-time break followed by the second half.”

Denmark’s Christian Eriksen Stable After Collapse During Match Against Finland

The European Championship between Denmark and Finland has been suspended after Denmark midfielder Christian Eriksen collapsed on the field.

Eriksen was taken off on a stretcher after needing medical attention for about 10 minutes, but the UEFA tweeted he has since been stabilized and transferred to a hospital.

Eriksen was about to receive the ball from a teammate’s throw-in when he appeared to stumble forward and collapse facedown on the field.

Teammates gathered around the star player as he was being treated and a stadium announcer asked fans to stay in their seats until further information could be provided.

The Euro soccer tournament began Friday and Saturday marked the first full day of matches in the group stage.

The entire soccer community began to show their support quickly after.

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Written by Megan Turner

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  1. Serious situation. But the reaction on social media — the horror, then the outrage that anyone would dare to show or share video — was so over the top. Turn your channel or get off the Internet if you don’t want to see coverage of a news event. FFS, we’ve seen footage for decades of an American President having his head blown apart. We’ve seen people choosing to jump from the Twin Towers rather than burn alive. We saw an NHL goalie get his neck slashed open by a skate blade and require emergency care to survive. I’m all for people who choose not to see or share such videos or photos. I’m not for people getting angry and demanding that no one else be able to make that decision for themselves, when those upset have full control over what they watch and see. Grow the hell up.

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