DeMarcus Cousins, Former Coach George Karl Have Words

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Ex-coach George Karl and his former star pupil DeMarcus Cousins ended up exchanging unpleasantries when discussing their former team, the Sacramento Kings. Though Cousins fired the first shot, Karl ultimately won the day and became king of the castle with his rebuttal.

The royal rumble began when Cousins complained about his time in Sacramento. The Kings drafted him with the fifth pick in 2010, and Cousins then spent six and half seasons in Sac Town, regularly displaying both his immense talent and temper.

“What did Sac do for me, besides say my name (on draft night)? I did more for them than they did for me,” Cousins insisted to “That’s just being honest. Just being 100% honest. I had two owners, three GMs, seven coaches in seven years. I was there seven years. I had three GMs, two owners and seven coaches. Not much more needs to be said.”

Cousins aka “Boogie” certainly was productive during his time in Sacramento. He averaged a double-double and made the All-Star game three times.

In turn, the team paid him handsomely for his efforts. He earned more than $55 million with Sacramento.

After seeing Cousins’ comments in, longtime coach George Karl, who spent a season and a half with Cousins in Sacramento, listed some very specific things the Kings “did for” Cousins.

“Paid you approx $50M and gave you the opportunity to play professional basketball for a living,” tweeted Karl.

Karl makes a good point. Did things go the way Cousins wanted them to in Sacramento? No. The Kings never made the playoffs with Cousins in town. But he certainly isn’t without blame. He was regularly seen as both a malcontent and a distraction. The team even suspended him twice.

Boogie has also been assessed 143 technical fouls in his career, more than 100 of them with the Kings.

Roughly an hour after his first tweet dismissing Cousins’ complaints, Karl once again let his thumbs do the talking:

“I grew up blue collar with a mindset to always appreciate the gifts, mentors and opportunities I was given. And I learned to never upset the basketball gods. Cause they are watching and karma is real.”

In other words, King me!

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Written by Anthony Farris


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