Deion Sanders Told You There Would Be Drastic Changes At Colorado, So Don’t Act Surprised Now That It’s Happening: Wallace

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He told you this was coming, he even put it on YouTube so everyone could see. Deion Sanders took the Colorado job knowing he was about to turn the roster over in a manner never seen before.

I know this might come as a shock to the Colorado fans who have never seen such a brash coach leading the program. But coming off a 1-11 season, the football team needed an overhaul and Deion was ready to bring in his type of players. Whether you want to call some of his tactics a bit much, that’s fair.

Deion Sanders is not worried about your feelings, he was hired to win football games and pack the stadium. I have to tip my cowboy hat to Deion, he’s not backing down from the craziness we’ve seen from the transfer portal within Colorado this week.

“We Coming. sit back and watch this thang unfold before your eyes,” Sanders said on social media. “To all our TRUE BUFFS FANS, we love ya and appreciate u. To the rest, stay tuned and keep talking. We see you and We Still Coming. I keep receipts”

Colorado coach Deion Sanders
BOULDER, COLORADO – APRIL 22: Head coach Deion Sanders of the Colorado Buffaloes watches as his team warms up prior to their spring game at Folsom Field on April 22, 2023 in Boulder, Colorado. (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)

Yes, it is wild to see some of these numbers that are coming out of Boulder. Colorado had over 80 scholarship players on its roster for the 2020 season, only 13 were left Wednesday night. The reason why you’ve never seen this before in college football is because this type of turnover has never happened.

Whether it was players graduating or leaving the program, Colorado was in a rough spot. There is currently a total of 26 players who have entered the transfer portal ahead of Sunday’s deadline. If you want to play for another team in the fall, you have to at least enter your name by Sunday, so don’t forget that important date.

Remember Deion Sanders First Team Meeting?

Does everyone remember his first team meeting in Boulder? If not, let me remind you of what he said to the guys still on the Colorado team.

“I’m coming, and when I get there, it’s gonna be changed,” Deion Sanders bluntly told the roster. “So I want y’all to get ready to go ahead and jump in that portal and do whatever you’re gonna get because the more of you jump into (the portal), the more room you make because we bring kids that are smart, tough.”

Did folks think he was kidding? I know this has most likely been a shock to fans of Colorado. You’re team has been in the dumps and now this guy is coming into the program and kicking guys to the curb. While I don’t agree with some of his tactics so far, he’s looking to win now, not four years down the road.

Colorado’s 2023 Recruiting Class Was Deion Sanders Foundation

I know the storyline has centered around the transfer portal for Colorado, especially over the last few weeks. But it’s also worth noting what Deion Sanders did when he landed in Boulder, with the help of a high-caliber coaching staff.

The Buffaloes put together the 21st ranked overall class according to 247Sports, with Cormani McClain being the five-star gem. Signing 19 players in the second signing period was a way to lay the foundation for the future. So, it wasn’t just centered around finding the best players looking for a better situation or playing time. From the minute he stepped foot on campus, Sanders did his best to sell the future, with his past recruiting at Jackson State used as a template.

This time he could sell playing for a Power-5 school, while also attending a program that is investing in the future. Certainly there was a plan to overhaul the roster, but it started with the 2023 recruiting class.

A Plan For Deion’s Transfer Portal Madness

There’s always a plan to the transfer portal madness, thanks in-part to the NCAA. Every team can now sign up to its 85-scholarship maximum, not having to worry about the 25-man signing class from the past. In simpler terms, for every player that is gone from the program, Deion can go sign another to match that number. So if 50 players have left, Sanders can go sign 50 new players.

“When we release the list of guys that we already got coming in, then everybody is going to say ‘Ok, now I see what he’s doing’,” Deion Sanders told Pat MacAfee on Wednesday.

He knows what he’s doing, along with his staff, like mad scientists in the lab. But there is one problem that I know Sanders is fully aware of. Are there actually that many good enough players in the portal to sign right now? The answer is no, which will cause a few problems for Colorado. Certainly this team needs playmakers on both sides of the ball, but they also need depth and that’s hard to come by right now in the Spring portal period.

Sanders is also not the type of guy to mince his words, no matter who or what he’s talking about. This was clearly evident on Wednesday when he compared outgoing players to old furniture, while remodeling the Colorado roster.

“It’s no way that I can put new furniture in this beautiful home if we don’t clean out the old furniture,” Sanders told Pat McAfee. “And that’s not a shot. It’s great furniture and a lot of people love, and a lot of people are gonna love it.”

Over the next week you’ll see multiple positions filled by intriguing names, while the exodus has been in motion since he arrived in Boulder. But Sanders is not blind, he understands the need for guys who will end up playing third string. There will be concerns from the Colorado faithful about having enough players to fill a charter plane, rightfully so.

So yes, this is a risk, simple as that. Can he go out and fill every single spot that’s open at the moment? I don’t know if there are enough good players to fill all of those positions right now, but he’s gonna try.

Don’t forget that Deion Sanders isn’t fighting for these players alone. Every single program in the country that has a need right now is battling for what’s left in the portal.

Deion Sanders Will Either Get It Right Or Get Out

This is Deion’s test, with every single prominent college football coach watching his moves from afar. They all want to see if this will work, can he assemble a team of avengers from the transfer portal. It will be something that defines Sanders, along with his win-loss record on the field.

But if the head coach was going to takeover a program that had lived in the dumps of mediocrity for the past twenty years, he was going to try and resurrect it his way. If it doesn’t work out in four years, then Deion will be gone, the fans will stop coming and boosters will stop throwing cash at the program.

But right now, this is how it’s going to be done at Colorado. Fans on the message boards will need to have a stiff drink to calm the nerves or hit up the local dispensary. It won’t be pleasant until they start winning games and landing more big time recruits.

If there’s anything you should have learned over the last five years with Deion Sanders, he’s going to bring the theatrics.

At the end of the day, what has the college football world been talking about for the last month?

Colorado football.

Written by Trey Wallace

Trey Wallace is the host of The Trey Wallace Podcast that focuses on a mixture of sports, culture, entertainment along with his perspective on everything from College Football to the College World Series.

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