Deion Sanders Stars In Lighthearted Super Bowl Commercial With His Family

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Deion Sanders brought the gang together for a new Super Bowl ad.

The head coach of the Colorado Buffaloes is doing his best to rebuild a failing PAC-12 program, but his life can’t just be about football.

When bags of money are thrown your way to star in ads, you sometimes have to do it. If you can get your children – Shilo, Shedeur and Shelomi – to join Mamma Connie and Aunt Tracie, you need to get the bag for everyone.

Well, that’s exactly what happened in the latest Oikos ad with Sanders for the Super Bowl. We even got a quick glance at what the former NFL DB might like once he’s an elderly man.

Deion Sanders continues to be a content machine.

Generally speaking, Deion Sanders pumps out content related to football. When he was at Jackson State, there was an endless stream of fun content.

Since joining Colorado as the head coach of the Buffaloes, he’s taken things to a new level. He’s now starring as an old man to pump up Greek yogurt sales.

You can’t knock the hustle. The man loves being under the spotlight, which fits perfectly considering his nickname is Primetime. The fact he got his family in the ad is just a bonus. Life is more fun when everyone gets paid.

Deion Sanders stars in new Oikos Super Bowl commercial. (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube Video

This also isn’t the first time Sanders has teamed up with Shedeur for the Super Bowl. Last year, the father-son duo also teamed up for an Oikos commercial.

Turns out having an NFL legend and star coach as your dad is a great way to secure a little extra NIL money.

On a broader scale, it’s pretty fascinating to see how Sanders manages to bring attention to any situation he finds himself in. That wasn’t the main reason why Colorado hired him. The Buffaloes hired him because he wins. However, whenever he’s in the news, Colorado is by extension. That’s great news for fans of the Buffaloes. He’s elevating the status of the program before even coaching a game.

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