Deion Sanders Sits Down With ’60 Minutes,’ Crowns Himself Best Coach in CFB And Talks ‘Honest’ Attitude

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Whether we’re discussing the 3-0 season start, diamond watches on the sideline or celebrity meet-and-greets in the halftime locker room, Deion Sanders has transformed the Colorado Buffaloes.

In a weekend chockfull of Deion, Coach Prime made another appearance on TV; sitting down with “60 Minutes” for an interview, which aired late Sunday (9/17).

Deion Sanders Sits Down With ’60 Minutes’ And Goes Full Primetime

Changing from head coach at Jackson State University to the Buffaloes catapulted Sanders into a new phase of fame.

The NFL legend became a popular analyst. Then, the analyst became a coach. Now, Sanders says he’s the best coach in college football.

Sanders went full Primetime in the interview.

When asked who’s college football’s best coach, Primetime answered, “Let me see a mirror so I can look at it.”

Does Sanders’ confidence come as a surprise? Of course not.

Sports is about winning, and Prime’s immediate effect on the 3-0 Buffaloes, who went 1-11 last season, is undeniable. It took a ton of speeches and theatrics by Deion to get here.

Colorado Is The Talk of College Football

Locker room swagger is arguably the best in college football.

The media certainly loves to cover the iconic Deion.

Deion’s son, Shedeur Sanders, is already teased as a potential first-overall NFL draft pick.

Colorado is the story of college football.

Sanders’ philosophy does promote sifting the weak from the strong. Coach Prime commented on his fire and brimstone energy, which led to 50 players transferring out of the program.

Deion said the “truth is good for kids.” His point was true about coaching and life.

“I think truth is good for the kids,” Deion Sanders responded. “We’re so busy lying we don’t even recognize the truth no more in society. We want everybody to feel good. That’s not the way life is. Now, it is my job to make sure I have what we need to win. That makes a lot of people feel good – winning does.”

Sanders is primetime television.

Despite his popularity, Sanders is divisive in different circles of college football.

Some think his glorification of success and fame has changed not just Colorado but the landscape of college football.

Others aren’t convinced by the massive chip on Sanders’ shoulder.

Prime did ROUNDS on television leading up to Colorado’s matchup against Colorado State, giving an underdog angle to his Buffaloes after CSU’s Jay Norvell critiqued Deion.

After a season-debut win at TCU and a favorable homestand against Nebraska, Sanders’ 18th-ranked Buffs didn’t seem like the underdog.

Sanders assumes he’s the best coach in football but promotes himself as a massive underdog with each matchup. Bombastic is the Deion way.

“I truly make a difference, I make folks nervous, man, I get folks moving in their seats,” Primetime said.

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