Deion Sanders’ Arrival At Colorado On Sunday Morning Includes Notable Timeline With Star Quarterback Son’s Transfer Imminent

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Deion Sanders has been the head football coach at the University of Colorado Boulder for less than 12 hours. At least, officially.

That didn’t stop him from hitting the ground running.

Coach Prime, who coached Jackson State to its second-straight SWAC Championship on Saturday evening, met with his team after the game to let them know that he was leaving. The 55-year-old Pro Football Hall of Famer was announced as the newest Pac-12 head coach not long thereafter.

As soon as Sanders wrapped his team meeting in Mississippi, he packed a (Louis Vuitton) bag and hopped on a private jet to the Centennial State alongside UC Boulder officials. With the transfer portal set to open on Monday and Early Signing Day around the corner, there was no time to waste.

Sanders arrived in Colorado early on Sunday morning.

After getting feet on the ground, it was time to get to work. Before Coach Prime could do anything, he had to know what he is working with at his new home.

Deion Sanders had not seen Colorado’s campus, or the team facilities, before accepting the job.

It was sight unseen, if you will.

That changed well before the sun came up on Sunday morning. Sanders took a tour of the Colorado facilities and brought a notable guest with him — his son, Shedeur.

The former four-star recruit, who lit up Southern in the SWAC title game just hours before, was an absolute star in his two years with the Tigers. He is expected to play for his dad in Boulder next season and joined the rest of his family on their first trip to their new school.

It was all smiles as the Sanders family toured Colorado for the first time. Here’s a look at their visit:

On the tour, one sign stood out.

Sanders was expected to leave Jackson for Boulder on Saturday night throughout much of last week. Based on a “jersey swap” graphic — which can take even the best designers multiple hours to get right — and a permanent sign honoring Coach Prime in the team facility, the deal was done well prior to the SWAC Championship.

The Buffaloes knew he was coming and got their guy.

Sanders spoke with his new team for the first time on Sunday afternoon.

The future is bright in Boulder!

Written by Grayson Weir

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