Deion Sanders Offers Advice To Lamar Jackson: ‘Stop Explaining Yourself To Fools’

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Deion Sanders has weighed in on Lamar Jackson’s pursuit of a new deal with some blunt advice.

The Baltimore Ravens QB is currently trying to land a new deal, but so far, there seems to be very limited interest around the league.

Lamar Jackson Pushes Back On Claims Of Him Being Injury Prone
Lamar Jackson is trying to land a new deal. (Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images)

Jackson recently called out his haters alleging he sat out games last season because of money. Deion Sanders thinks the dual-threat QB shouldn’t get down in the mud to argue with people.

“Stop explaining Yourself to fools and allow fools to be fools,” the Colorado coach tweeted in response to Jackson’s viral tweet about his health.

Deion Sanders comes to Lamar Jackson’s defense.

On its face, Deion Sanders’ advice is pretty solid. Why waste your time arguing with “fools,” as Sanders put it?

As the old saying goes, don’t roll around in the mud just so you can argue with a pig. That advice applies to a lot more than just Lamar Jackson arguing with people over whether or not he sat out because of health or money.

Jackson also tweeted that he wasn’t even close to being able to play down the stretch when he sat out games. Ultimately, only Jackson and the doctors know how true that is.

Clearly, Jackson has serious support within the football community. Deion Sanders isn’t just the head coach at Colorado.

He’s one of the greatest NFL players in the storied history of the league. He’s definitely a guy you want coming to your defense.

Deion has proved time and time again he’s worth listening to. The results are entertaining every time there’s a camera around him at Colorado.

Will Lamar Jackson land a massive deal? That remains to be seen. The Colts reportedly feel the draft compensation is too high, but that doesn’t mean some other team won’t come in and offer the young QB a bag of cash. Until then, we’ll have to wait and see if Lamar Jackson takes Deion Sanders’ advice and stops arguing with “fools.”

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