Four-Star Commit From Louisiana Backs Up Deion Sanders Regarding Specific Recruiting Challenge With Cold In Colorado

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Deion Sanders was born in Florida, played college football at Florida State, played for Atlanta, San Francisco, Dallas, Washington and Baltimore in the NFL, and played for New York, Atlanta, Cincinnati and San Francisco in the MLB. He has since coached at Trinity Christian High School in Texas and Jackson State in Mississippi.

All of this goes to say that he has never lived in a cold-weather climate like Colorado, until now.

Sanders is currently the head football coach in Boulder. And when most people think about a city at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, they might assume that it is rather cold. Especially during the winter.

That assumption has created a minor challenge with recruiting to the school. The cold gives high school athletes from warm weather climates some pause when considering the Buffaloes.

However, while it is undoubtedly true that it gets cold and snowy in Boulder, Sanders has quickly discovered that it is more than tolerable. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the average temperatures by month are as follow:

  • October: 53 degrees
  • November: 42 degrees
  • December: 35 degrees
  • January: 34.5 degrees
  • February: 36.5 degrees
  • March: 43.5 degrees

Obviously, some days are warmer and some days are colder. Some hours are warmer and some hours are colder. That’s how weather works.

But even in the dead of winter, the average temperature in Boulder does not drop below freezing. And at 5,318 feet of elevation, the city sits closer to the sun than most other college campuses.

Sun melts snow. Sun provides warmth. It is much warmer during the day with the sun out than it is in the early hours of the morning or late at night.

All of this is common sense, and makes the temperatures in Boulder much easier to face than most people might think, which led Sanders to say that “ain’t that cold” at Colorado. OutKick’s David Hookstead called Coach Prime’s claim a “straight up lie.”

Deion Sanders’ son and one of Coach Prime’s newest commits would disagree.

Deion Sanders Jr. recently shared a video from the weekend in which it felt like -108 degrees on top of Mount Washington in New Hampshire. He said that the video was what he thought it would be like when his dad took the job with the Buffaloes.

Upon arrival to campus, Deion Jr. found out that it is “not even cold like that.”

In response to Deion Jr., four-star Class of 2024 commit Ju’Juan Johnson agreed. He grew up in Lafayette, Louisiana and recently committed to Colorado over multiple offers to stay in the southeast.

Where weather may have been a concern for Johnson before visiting his future program, his trip out West led him to a better understanding. He said that it felt colder on the Bayou at 43 degrees than it did in the dead of winter in the mountains.

Boulder is cold. Colorado is cold. Cold is cold is cold.

But where recruits who grew up in warm climates might be scared of winter out West, there is a realization to be had. It “ain’t that cold.”

Written by Grayson Weir

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