Deion Sanders Admits He Doesn’t Know College Football Overtime Rules Without Even Realizing It Following Win Over Colorado State

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Deion Sanders’ tenure at Colorado has gotten off to a perfect start. While things did get dicey against a less-than-stellar Colorado State team in Week 3, Colorado is a perfect 3-0 after grinding out a win over the Rams.

The come-from-behind victory was noteworthy in its own right, but the fact that Colorado was able to secure the win in overtime with Sanders not even understanding the rules makes it that much more impressive.


With the hoopla of Colorado fans storming the field after beating a team that has won seven games over the last three seasons and Sanders’ inability to do or say anything wrong, the entire sports world seemed to have missed him admitting that he doesn’t understand how overtime in college football works.

Deion Sanders Doesn’t Know How Overtime Works In College Football

Colorado was successful on its two-point conversion in the second overtime before stopping Colorado State and winning the game 43-35.

During his postgame press conference, a reporter who also doesn’t know the rules of college football, asked Sanders what led to the decision for Colorado to go for two in the second overtime frame.

In today’s college football, teams are required to go for two beginning in the second overtime after scoring a touchdown, it’s literally a rule, and one Sanders wasn’t aware of.

“Points, the way the numbers come out,” Sanders said when asked why his team went for two. “It’s a chart, but we’ve got so many smart guys around and they say ‘coach, you’ve got to go for two’ and I say ‘cool, let’s do it,’ and I understand why.”

Clearly, you do not understand why, coach.

An assistant coach was obviously in Sanders’ headset telling him to go for two in the situation and without hesitation he agreed thinking it was a momentum-type move instead of something he quite literally had to do in the situation.

Colorado ended up winning the game which is why the story of a Division I football coach not knowing the rules of overtime is being completely ignored, but this may be the wildest thing Sanders has said since taking over at Colorado, which is certainly saying something.

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