Deion Sanders, Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones Hold Back Tears During Emotional Conversation About Their Life-Changing Relationship

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Deion Sanders and Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones share a special bond. The two former NFL defensive backs never played together, but the former has become a mentor for the later.

Jones, 39, was one of the best cornerback and return specialists in college football history at West Virginia. He was drafted No. 6 overall in 2005 and spent 13 years in the league.

However, despite flashes of greatness, much of his career was marred by legal issues. Jones has been arrested more times than any other NFL player in the 21st century and was suspended from the NFL on two occasions.

In retirement, Jones has worked hard to stay out of trouble and to be a mentor to children. Following the death of his long-time college and NFL teammate, and friend, Chris Henry, Jones adopted his two children and vowed to raise them as Henry would have wanted.

Sanders has served as something of a father figure to Jones along the way. Back in 2016, after posting an extremely NSFW rant to Instagram, Jones received a text from Coach Prime with words of wisdom.

That was not the only instance in which Jones has leaned on Sanders, who he fondly calls “pop.”

Deion Sanders and Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones go way back.

Sanders was talking to Peter King at Super Bowl LVII earlier this week when they were interrupted by Jones, who Coach Prime referred to as his son. It led to an extremely emotional moment between the two.

Sanders explained that they met in a hotel in Atlanta when Jones was going through it. They “haven’t departed since then.”

Jones went on to talk about how much Sanders means to him and why Coach Prime’s character will drive success at Colorado. He couldn’t help but get choked up while talking about all of the times that they had together.

It’s not often that two grown men share a moment like that on national television. It’s clear that Sanders and Jones aren’t just friends, but family. Pretty special.

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