Von Miller Announces DeAndre Hopkins’ Preferred Trade Destination As All-Pro Receiver Hints At Top Trade Wishes

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DeAndre Hopkins has not said a single word about his future, or whether he might want to play for another team. And yet, he’s said it all. As has Von Miller.

Hopkins, a three-time First Team All-Pro and five-time Pro Bowler, is one of the best pass-catchers in the NFL. He is also one of the most talked about players in regard to being traded this offseason.

Although he has not been dealt yet, and there is no indication that he will, Hopkins seems to have a preferred destination.

The 30-year-old receiver broke it down during a recent conversation with the All Things Covered podcast. Hopkins didn’t specifically say what team he wants to play for β€” because he didn’t say a single word β€” but he looked the other way when the Jets and Patriots were mentioned as potential destinations.

That was not the case for the Bills and/or Chiefs. Hopkins’ body language was all about it.

And of those two teams, there seems to be a leader in the clubhouse.

Von Miller recently spilled the tea about DeAndre Hopkins.

The Bills linebacker may have been blowing smoke. Hopkins may have been whispering sweet nothings.

Either way, the former claims that the latter told him that he also wants to play in Buffalo.

I talk to Hop all the time and it’s kind of like the same thing with OBJ. You just never know until you know. Hop said he wanted to be a Buffalo Bill and you never know until you get that DeAndre Hopkins signature on a contract.

β€” Von Miller, via The Buffalo News

Miller is not in charge of his team’s front office and has no idea how the logistics of a trade like that would work. He just knows that adding Hopkins would be a big addition to the offense, obviously, and would love to have it play out as the receiver supposedly told him.

I’m not sure what the circumstances are or what’s going on with that but I would love to see DeAndre Hopkins be here and I would love to have his skill set on our offense with Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs and Dawson Knox and Gabe Davis.

β€” Von Miller, via The Buffalo News

There is a long way to go before Hopkins is wearing a Buffalo Bills uniform. It may never happen.

But if Miller’s words and Hopkins’ body language are to be believed, he wants to be in Buffalo. Soon.

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