DeAndre Hopkins Accused of Flipping Off Trump Supporters

Photos from Sunday night show a man, who many think is Cardinals WR DeAndre Hopkins, driving by a crowd of Trump supporters and flipping them off.

Here is a look at the middle finger Ferrari ride that went on for miles:


According to the report, Hopkins tried to stick it to Trump supporters on his way to last night’s Seahawks game. Hopkins was seen wearing the same shirt upon his arrival at the stadium.

The Cardinals did not reply to a request for comment from Fox News.

Most outlets won’t cover this story, but they should. If Hopkins had flipped off a crowd of Biden supporters, it would probably lead the Max Kellerman Show and maybe the noon SportsCenter.

Cool car though.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. The Cardinals brass should have a talk with him and remind him this is hometown and probably many people in that caravan are fans and should be treated with respect. But it is know as the national felon league for a very good reason very disappointing .

  2. I’ve never seen such angry people. It is all self inflicted too. I didn’t see people pout when Obama got elected. That dude likes to preach to everyone about social injustice as he drives around in his Ferrari. He’s not oppressed, he is a millionaire celebrity athlete.

  3. I was thinking the same thing. How ironic that a guy flips off Trump supporters from a Ferrari that he owns in large part because of Trump’s tax cuts. Hopkins obviously has not listened to Biden‘s description of his tax plan, or he would be high-fiving those Trump supporters instead.

  4. Frankly I’m not even bothered by him flipping the supporters the bird, that just shows his lack of class. What I am disturbed by is the reports of his reckless driving and potentially endangering of the people simply out exercising their rights and supporting their chosen candidate. That not only shows a lack of class, but a lack of responsibility and maturity. Grow up and show some class!

  5. Lol I honestly feel bad for guys like this you can tell they just don’t understand what they are doing. Imagine if the tables were turned and Nick Bosa did that to Biden or God forbid Obama supporters. He would be suspended fined and might even alienated from the league. Such a shame. Such hypocrisy.

  6. Oh yeah, that’s really going to change the public perception of NFL players…especially wide receivers. Yet another reason my consumption of the NFL has dropped 75% in the last few years….pampered & overpaid athletes displaying zero class….on the field and off.

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