Deadly Dangers Of Vacationing In Mexico, US State Dept Missing The Mark: Tomi Lahren

The U.S. State Department has finally issued a new travel advisory for popular destinations in Mexico, but is it too little too late?

Tomi Lahren discussed on Tomi Lahren is Fearless:

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  1. Great report. This is literally life and death information folks need to pay attention to. It’s not safe for Americans. If you think inside the resorts are safe, guess what? You still have to get to and from the resorts, and the people who work at those resorts are the residents of those hell holes.
    Screw Mexico’s tourism. People are way more important. America first. Find a better vacation spot folks. It’s not hard. You can miss the diarrhea, speak English, and buy tequila here. How about Mexico prioritizes not turning blind eyes to fentanyl manufacturing, human trafficking, MS-13, and facilitating waves of invaders? Thanks. I know our idiots in the US government haven’t always helped them, but Mexico is Mexico’s primary responsibility. Take some ownership and have some pride. Right now Mexico’s name is ranked somewhere between Afghanistan and freakin Somalia. Might want to check that? Their leaders have sat back waxing their mustaches and getting wealthy off of corruption for decades, while allowing their country to become a filthy brothel for crime. Enough.

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