Davis Love III Shares Dumbest Idea Yet About How PGA Tour Players Can Combat LIV Golf

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Davis Love III has an idea for how the PGA Tour can really stick it to LIV Golf, and it’s not a good one.

Love, who will captain the U.S. Presidents Cup team in September, is firmly on Team PGA Tour as the battle with the Saudi-backed circuit rages on. He seems to have particularly taken issue with LIV Golfers teeing it up in three of the four major championships this year and doesn’t want to see them play in future majors.

While each of the four majors is run by different governing bodies, Love thinks the players could have a real impact on LIV golfers not being allowed to play in them.

His grand idea? Non-LIV golfers qualified for a major championship should boycott the tournament.

“If a group of veterans and a group of top current players align with 150 guys on the Tour, and we say, “Guess what? We’re not playing,’ that solves it, right? If LIV guys play in the U.S. Open, we’re not playing. If they sue in court, and they win, well, we’re not playing. You know, there won’t be a U.S. Open. It’s just like a baseball strike.” Love told Sports Illustrated.

On the surface, the idea may not sound all that bad. If you think of it from a player’s perspective, however, it’s ridiculous.


There are only four major championships every year. Those four majors carry the biggest purses in the game outside of LIV Golf events, The Players, and the Tour championship. On top of that, each major is a chance for a player to make history.

Throwing away one of the very few chances to compete in and possibly win a major championship because a group of players plays on a different tour is ‘disrupting’ the golf world is bold, to say the least. It’s also an extremely tall ask from Love in general.

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  1. Wow, the virtue signaling of cancelling Trumps tour stops hasn’t been kind to the PGA. Just bad luck I suppose. You know the PGA was hoping that Tiger could get back to form and be the glue to hold the league together. That might have worked.

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