David Wells Still Brings Heat, Fires One By Cranky Keith Olbermann

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Keith Olbermann’s stacking more L’s than the Washington Generals.

After getting obliterated by Clay Travis and Riley Gaines over the past two weeks, Olbermann allowed former MLB pitcher David Wells the opportunity to tee off on him Saturday night.

And Wells did just that, becoming the latest public figure to put angry Keith in a blender.

Needing something to fuss about and still attempting to revive a career that vanished more than a decade ago (seriously, does anyone know if Keith actually works anywhere these days?), Olbermann took to X to angrily thumb off some hate in the direction of Wells.

K.O., who fittingly, spends most of his time online on the wrong end of a knockout, reacted to a Wells comment that was part of an interview published by The Athletic.

“Asked whether he would drink Bud Light again, Wells didn’t need many words,” wrote The Athletic before offering Wells’ response: “Nope!”

Enter Olbermann, who likely slide his N95 mask aside just look enough to polish off a Bud Light while applauding whichever biological male was placing first in a women’s competition.

“Bullshit. [David Wells] would drink wood alcohol. Another f*cking fraud,” wrote Olbermann.

Settle Down Keith

I have no idea why Keith Olbermann was so triggered by Wells’ response. Unless you’re part of the Anheuser-Busch conglomerate – which remains plenty wealthy, by the way – why would someone choosing not to drink a particular brand of beer elicit such anger?

Oh, that’s right, Keith’s batshit crazy. That’s why.

On Saturday, Keith Olbermann did what he does best and took another L. (Photo by Donna Ward/Getty Images).

Recognizing that angry Keith had again gone off the rails, Wells decided that in lieu of sitting this one out, he’d reach back and once again fire off some heat.

“Keith shut the f*ck up,” Wells said in response, seemingly speaking for the vast majority of America.

He continued: “Just because you never played the game and all you did was work for espn and talk shit on all of us players because you have a degree in journalism makes you an expert on putting Athletes down. And thats if you even have a degree. Stick to your politics.”

Tough to argue with Wells’ logic there. But if we had to nitpick, Olbermann should stay away from politics too. Otherwise, we’re going to run out of L’s.

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Written by Anthony Farris

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