David Feherty Tells Wild Story About Sitting In The Wanamaker Trophy With His Pants Around His Ankles

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The Wanamaker Trophy, awarded to the PGA Championship winner each year, is one of the largest trophies in sports. While it’s known by most for its stature and ability to hold a number of adult beverages, David Feherty knows it as something else: a seat.

The longtime golf commentator joined ‘Don’t @ Me With Dan Dakich‘ on Monday morning to discuss Brooks Koepka’s win over the weekend at Oak Hill and the topic of the Wanamaker came up.

The always humorous Feherty decided to fill Dakich in on a little secret – that he has sat inside the Wanamaker without any pants on many, many times.

“I did 19 PGA Championships with CBS and I have several photographs of me sitting on that trophy with my pants around my ankles reading either The Atlantic or The New York Times, it was kind of a tradition that was kept undercover at CBS,” Feherty explained. “Just one of those practical joke things we would send to the winner afterward of me sitting on the trophy.”

I’m sure that’s a fun photo to wake up to the next day as the PGA winner. You likely drank an obscene amount of cold beer out of the trophy only to soon realize that you just put your mouth on a piece of metal that’s shared contact with Feherty’s rear end.

With the amount of alcohol that’s been poured inside the top of the Wanamaker Trophy it’s a safe bet any left-over Feherty germs have been killed.

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