Dave Portnoy Gets Into Shouting Match With New York Times-Reading Pizzeria Owner

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Barstool owner Dave Portnoy recorded his “One Bite” pizza series outside Dragon Pizza in Somerville, Mass, where he was confronted by the joint’s angry owner.

The owner, in a shirt a few sizes too tight, exited the store to shout at Portnoy and accuse him of “hurting small businesses.”

What proof did he provide of Portning hurting small businesses? He didn’t provide any.

The owner says he read about Portnoy in the New York Times and concluded he’s a “f—ing b—h.” It’s unclear which Times’ hit piece about Portnoy the man referred to. There are several.

Nonetheless, the exchange is quite entertaining.

“I don’t appreciate what you do, coming in and judging a business in one bite,” the man shouted.

“Just go f–k yourself and the whole f–king platform you’re on,” he said before threatening to call the police on eating a pizza on public property.

“F–k you,” Portnoy responded. “This guy is a piece of sh-t.”

The owner’s criticism of Portnoy falls flat. Dave raised around $50 billion for small businesses during the pandemic through “The Barstool Fund.”

He helped more small businesses than most elected officials, particularly officials in Mass.

His “One Bite “series, where he scores a pizza based on one bite, has also helped various small businesses by introducing usually obscure locations to his millions of social media followers.

Portnoy tends to film his show outside at small restaurants. Rarely does he not encourage his followers to try the pizza at the location he’s reviewing.

The pizza owner is a typical New York Times reader: overly emotional and indifferent to the facts.

Portnoy scored the pizza a 6.4 out of 10.


Written by Bobby Burack

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